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Scene 1: Jon's apartmentEdit

Arbiter is seen sitting in the bathtub, depressed. He takes a drink of liquor and sets the bottle down. He continues staring at Greg's note.

  • Arbiter:  [long beat] Fuck.

Cut to Chief smoking in the window with "Cortana" nearby.

  • Cortana:"Our primary concern should be ensuring the safety of that young boy and making sure Colin --The coolest friend you've ever made friends with-- is buried under the farthest prison. Do you know where he lives?"
  • Chief:"states sumwere / y?"
  • Cortana:"Which one?"
  • Chief:"united staets i just fuckign sed / pull teh dicks otu of ur ears"
  • Cortana:"Yes, Chief. The United States. An unity of fifty. I'm asking you in which one of those Colin resides. What's condsidered a punishable offense for innapropriatly engaging children online can vary by jurisdiction. In some, I believe an arrest merely requires the solicitation of sex over the internet. [beat] "Solicitation" being a fancy word for asking something from somebody.
  • Chief:">:D [mischievious face]"

Scene 2: BoardwalkEdit

Peter is seen running into a courtyard area. He fire a few shots and turns to see Chief waiting for him.

  • Chief:"hey kid / peter, rite? u doesnt knew meh butt we've gots sumthing 2 talked about"

Chief approaches Peter.

  • Chief:" IM W/ TEH CYBER POLICE / speshil n33ds divishun/ ovarherd u talkign 2 a dued this morning / alien / rangers model / stayed awy frum him / i m33ned it / hes bad n3ws / srsly / [beat] >:I [serious face] / k?"
  • Peter:"Okay."
  • Chief:"u didnt srsly akshually gaev him ur e mails adress , did u?"
  • Peter:"Yeah."
  • Chief:"jeesus christ / GG noob / did he sended u thoes informations abot his chat servar? if he did u gots 2 gave th3m to meh, k? its foar ur safties,k? if u doesnt you'd be interfering w/ a soopar top secrit investigations and id has 2 b33t ur ass / [beat] foar ur safties / imma text u mai email adress, k? i needed those informations"
  • Peter:"Alright."
  • Chief:"gud / adn maek it snappy dont fuck around / nao beet it / kthnxbie"

Peter walks away from Chief.

  • Chief:"AND STOPPED TALKING 2 CHILDREN MOLESTARS / not being raeped akshelly isnt 2 bad, u stuped c██t

Scene 3: Jon's ApartmentEdit

The Xbox headsets light is seen still green. Chief and Cortana are seen at the game chair.

  • Cortana:"A little more decorum would have been nice but I'm proud of you all the same, Chief.
  • Chief:"dued i just saved a kid / chix dig taht rite? think i could used taht 2 get sum pu$$y onlien? leegal of course / baerly / ;) [winky face]"
  • Cortana:"Spoke too soon.

Arbiter enters the room.

  • Arbiter:"Chief, I've been thinking. That boy you overheard speaking with Colin, he should be in your recent players list. You should-"
  • Chief:"wae ahed of u queef sniffer, kids safe / told him 2 stayed teh fuck away from Colin"
  • Arbiter:"Really? That's great. Good thinking, man. Come down here and sit with me, will you? We've got something to talk about."

Arbiter sits down. Chief gets off the chair and joins him.

  • Chief:"what? finally got ur period?"
  • Arbiter:"We can't be associated with Eugene and the others anymore. The three of them have crossed the line. We're supporting their recent behavior if we don't distance ourselves.
  • Cortana: Halleluiah.
  • Arbiter: I've spent this joke we call a life living by something of a moral standard. And ,even though I doubt there's anything waiting for us on the other side, I don't want to tarnish that streak by living my final days a monster.
  • Chief: [beat] colin can fuck a duck as far im c0ncered / all teh ducks / as long as ther 18 lol / as foar tyler, hes always b33n kind of an asshoel / i cud t00k him or left him / butt Eugene has been alrite until teh othir days / eugene ant tyler r teh only ppls in teh whoel entir werld who has ever lieked meh / :( [sad face]
  • Arbiter:"You and I are in the same boat.Just because I'm suggesting defection, doesn't make me a fan of it. Eugene's not a friend worth having, Chief. He doesn't deserve either of us."
  • Cortana:"He's right, Chief. Can't believe I'm saying that."
  • Chief:"i doesnt caerd who it is or wut they've done / i just alwaes wantid 1 u no / just 1 "
  • Arbiter:"I know. And you've got one."
  • Chief:"homo / lol"
  • Arbiter:"I also propose that we use fragban to brick him and the others."
  • Chief:"damn bro  / u crazy / u sure? w00d'nt taht maek us huge ass hippopoticrites tho?"
  • Arbiter:"They need to be stopped from causing more damage. We should have never involved ourselves with the software. It was a steep drop for us from there. The network administration might be able to develope a patch for fragbans effects if we send it to them, but there's no telling how long that'll take. Eugene, Tyler and Colin will be fragban's last victims. The five of us are the only ones with the hacks and online access. Afterwards we'll send the files to the authorities anonymously and destroy our copy. Remember that Chaos Theosis farce?
  • Chief:"rofl / teh shit list?"
  • Arbiter:"Exactly. It'll be like that. Taking out the networks trash. One last job. We have chance to make a signifcantly positive impact with what's left of our lives. Fuck it man , let's take it. Let's go out in a blaze of glory."

Chief walks towards Arbiter.

Chief extends his fist.

  • Chief:"pound it"

Arbiter gets up and bro fists Chief.

  • Arbiter:"Get comfy. I'll grab us a couple of beers. We're gonna need a plan."

Arbiter walks away.

  • Cortana:"I know you're hurting, Chief, but you're doing the right thing. And, even though you want me gone, if you find yourself in desperate need of a second friend feel free to find one in me."

Scene 4: HighlandsEdit

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