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Gender Male
Affiliations None
First Appearance The Spider
Last Appearance Broken
Status: Unknown
Online Status N/A
Gamertag Unknown
"just wantid 2 hang :("
— Greg to Arbiter and Chief in The Spider

Greg was a main character alongside Master Chief and Arbiter in the Arby 'n' the Chief series. 


Arrival Edit

Greg made his first appearance at Jon's apartment when Master Chief was washing his bowl after eating cereal, scaring Chief badly. Arbiter panicked upon seeing the spider due to his arachnophobia. He and Chief hid in the bathroom, but were forced to leave almost immediately, due to the fact that Chief had left his bowl above the drain in the sink, and if water came into contact with any of the electric appliances Jon had, they would short circuit and destroy the apartment. Chief snuck back into the bathroom and locked the door, but the spider had snuck into the bathroom too, leaving Arbiter outside to turn the tap off. When cornered by the Spider, Arbiter orders it to "Get lost." stating that he 'might keep the insect population low but was repulsive in every manner' The spider walked to the notepad on the floor and wrote a message, saying that he just wanted to hang out with them.

Later, Arbiter decided to welcome the spider back, bringing several snacks with him. The spider revealed that his name is Greg to him. Chief however, remained hostile to Greg, even suggesting to Arbiter that they kill him, to which Greg tied him up after eavesdropping on them. However, Greg remained at Jon's house, usually conversing with Arbiter. He also helped Arbiter and Chief create their Hypernews show, acting as the cameraman.

Departure Edit

Despite being his friend, Arbiter was never able to get past the fact that Greg was a spider and was never able to overcome his arachnophobia. Chief also remained hostile towards Greg, which culminated in Chief attempting to murder him with a knife when drunk. Arbiter stopped him just in time, however Greg decided it would be best for everybody if he left the apartment.

Despite this, Greg remained at the house for a short time. He showed up during Chief and Arbiter's assault on Trent's wedding, saving Chief and Arbiter by fragging Trent's co-workers. Arbiter then assassinates Trent. Greg leaves a note behind telling Arbiter to talk to Claire, and he left another note the following day, along with Arbiter's old helmet attached to it. Arbiter was unsure on whether Greg could see or hear him, but thanked him, and asked him to return some day.

Return Edit

Greg Online

Greg's online Spartan model.

Greg finally made a return four months later, having been delivered in a mysterious package. The package also contained Cortana, much to Arbiter and Chief's surprise. Greg revealed that he travelled back to Jon's old apartment, found Cortana lost there, packaged themselves up and were delivered back to Jon's new apartment. While Chief was annoyed by the return of the two, Arbiter was finally made happy for the first time in four months.

Greg remained with the toys at Jon's apartment again. He continued to get along with Arbiter and Cortana but Chief initially remained disgusted by his appearance and continued to despise him.

However, Greg witnessed Chief's accidental murder of Cortana. Though he believed that telling Arbiter the truth would be the morally correct thing to do, he lied to him for Chief, since he realized that telling Arbiter would only make things worse in the house. He remained disgusted by Chief's actions. However, as a result of his lie, Arbiter began to resent Greg for "not trying hard enough" to convince Cortana to stay, thus making Greg miserable and shocked by Chief's actions.

This turn of events finally lead to Chief getting over Greg's apperance and they started to spend more time together. However, Greg found himself unable to cope with hiding the truth, and attempted to write a confession to Arbiter, revealling the truth behind Cortana's disappearance. When Chief found out, they argued, with Chief accusing Greg of being selfish.

Second DepartureEdit

Realizing that Arbiter would continue to resent him and that telling him the truth would make things worse, Greg decided to leave again, this time, permanently. He told Arbiter that he was leaving due to "various circumstances" placing him in an uncomfortable position, without being specific. Chief decided to have a party to celebrate this turn of events.

It's unknown what became of Greg in the four year timeskip between Ignition and Season 8. Though the Spider was mentioned throughout the season and even appeared in a photo in the episode Future Shock, there's been no hints towards his return or that he's even still alive since the toys were reborn from their suicide.

Bytes Edit

Greg also exists in a parallel universe. He saved Arbiter from being burned alive by Master Chief after he mistook Arbiter's sarcasm towards Halo and other modern games as "blasphemy".


Greg talking

Greg "talking" via post-it notes

Greg is friendly, caring, very loyal and somewhat shy. Greg cannot speak; he communicates with other characters by writing on post-it notes, of which he carries a pack on his back. He uses informal, but mostly correct language, often using textspeak-like abbreviations, with an occasional drawing. Arbiter and Greg often talk about what the future holds, and sometimes play Scrabble. Greg's skill at Halo is demonstrated when he enters the server in which Arbiter and Chief try to stop the wedding at the last minute and no-scopes all of Trent Donnovich's staff.

Contrary to his friendly and innocent personality, his physical appearance is still somewhat repulsive to both Chief and Arbiter, although the Arbiter tries to suppress this, usually with success. Chief, however, will outright exclaim to Greg how ugly and repulsive he finds him. Greg is self-conscious of his appearance, made especially clear when Arbiter reluctantly passes up a Scrabble game with him in order to give Chief more Halo training; he proceeds to play against himself, and one of the sets of letters is an obvious anagram of "alone."

Besides the obvious friendship Greg and Arbiter share, Greg has shown a caring side to him, always asking if he's alright whenever a situation occurs. Greg greatly values his friendship with Arbiter as seen when he rescues him from being set on fire by Master Chief after the latter mistakenly took Arbiter's sarcasm as blasphemy towards the Halo franchise.

Greg also showed a very serious side after conversing with Chief after his manslaughter of Cortana.


Greg has become a series icon next to Master Chief and Arbiter. Many praised Greg's presence on the show, his interaction with the other characters and his cute personality. Many fans responded negatively to Greg's removal, and requested that Jon should bring back Greg to the show in the comments section of most of the season 6 episodes.

Greg's return in the season 6 finale was met with near-universal acclaim from fans.


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  • In season 5, Greg's personality is shown to be slightly similar to Gregor Samsa, a travelling salesman who inexplicably turns into a giant insect overnight, who soon becomes depressed for being a resented burden on his companions. Gregor Samsa is a character in a book by Franz Kafka called "The Metamorphosis".
  • Although Greg carries a pack of post-it notes on his back and writes on them to communicate, he is not shown carrying the Sharpie which he writes with.
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