Season 7, Episode 5 (69)
Air date July 7, 2012
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"Damn you."
Greg to Master Chief

Heat is the fifth episode of the seventh season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Master Chief wakes himself up early in the morning while the other toys are still asleep in order to go through with his mysterious plan previously interrupted by the Arbiter.

Plot Edit

Waking up in the bathtub after Jon's phone alarm goes off, Chief checks on Arbiter, finding him asleep. Afterwards, Chief roams around the apartment looking for Greg and doesn't find him. Concluding that the coast is clear, Chief approaches Cortana and ties her up and throws her in the oven, something he had planned earlier that night. After waking up, Cortana notices Chief and asks why she is in the oven. Chief then threatens to turn the oven on, unless she takes back "the mean things she said" the previous day. When Cortana refuses and continues to insult Chief, the latter climbs to the top of the oven and turns it on, but, as climbs back down, still believing that the oven is unplugged, he sees Cortana on fire, and, in shock, quickly turns off the oven. However, Chief is too late to stop her from burning to death. Visibly in shock, Chief scrapes the rest of Cortana's remains off of the plate she stood on and flushes them down the toilet.

Later on, Arbiter, who had heard Chief swearing in the hallway, gets out of bed and looks for him. Chief frantically hides Cortana's stand in the closet. Arbiter finds Chief and asks where everyone is, and Chief feigns ignorance. Greg also arrives, and Chief immediately drags him to the bathroom, explaining that the two are going to "clean the bathroom". Shutting the door, Chief asks Greg for a favor, to which Greg replies that he witnessed Chief's murder of Cortana. Chief pleads to Greg not to tell Arbiter, with the reasoning that telling him will only make the situation worse.

Greg agrees not to tell him, instead lying that he helped Cortana to be mailed to a children's charity. Arbiter, confused and angry as to why Cortana would leave, blames Chief. Chief, however, counters Arbiter by accusing him of also having a role in her decision to leave the house, due to the argument on the day before, which Arbiter simply dismisses as a "silly argument over nothing" and "relatively insignificant".

The two continue to argue, until Arbiter quietly walks away to be alone. Chief, relieved that he is not in trouble, offers a high five to Greg, but the spider simply writes "damn you" to him, before crawling away. Left alone, Chief leans against the wall, in thought.

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Reception Edit

Considered a monumental episode in the season, "Heat" received universal acclaim. Praise was directed towards the writing, dialogue, soundtrack, and Cortana's death scene, which was labeled as "dark" as well as the most shocking moment in the series by viewers.

Episode How-tos Edit

  • HOW TO hamburger help a friend
  • HOW TO lighten up
  • HOW TO flush away your problems
  • HOW TO play Jeopardy
  • HOW TO get Chief to do you a favor

Trivia Edit

  • Excluding both Hypermail and the Bytes episodes. This is the first episode in the main series since "The Mail Room" to be shot exclusively in live-action, featuring no machinima elements at all.
  • The date in which this was aired was Bungie Day 2012, a fake holiday created by game developer Bungie (most well-known for their Halo creation) on July 7th, 2007, because of the company's love for the number seven.
  • The alarm time that goes off is 3:43 A.M. This is another reference to either 343 Guilty Spark or 343 Industries, or both. This has been done in previous episodes.

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Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E05 - "Heat"

Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E05 - "Heat"

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