Horsin' Around
Season 2, Episode 4 (17)
Horsin around
Air date September 8, 2012
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Horsin' Around is the fourth episode of the second season of Arby 'n' The Chief - Bytes.


Arbiter's curiosity gets the better of him and learns of one of Chief's terrifying secrets.


Master Chief has spent the last four days inside Jon's bathroom and refuses to come out. Assuming that Chief is masturbating as usual, Arbiter tries to comply with him about what is going on, only to be denied. Arbiter has approached Chief to see if he wants to watch ReBoot with him, only for Chief to question if he is watching My Little Pony instead. Defending that he isn't, Arbiter questions how the show has gained a major male audience despite its gearing towards young girls. Chief however still refuses to leave the bathroom and thus Arbiter gives up and leaves him alone.

Later that night, Chief has left the bathroom and gone to bed, Arbiter then gets up and unlocks the bathroom to see what Chief has been doing in there for so long. As it turns out, Chief had been watching My Little Pony on Jon's Laptop the whole time. At first Arbiter laughs at Chief hypocrisy, but soon becomes disturbed when he sees Chief's fandom in the show also included posting pictures all over the walls of the bathroom and and is genuinely freaked out upon seeing a makeshift doll of the character Fluttershy. Suddenly Chief appears by the bathroom doorway wielding a knife stating that he has found out his terrible secret, to which Arbiter tries to defend his actions. Chief then pins Arbiter against the cupboard, seemingly preparing to kill Arbiter for his invasion of privacy.

However, Chief instead shows Arbiter the show itself on Jon's computer and Arbiter admits that it is better than he thought.


Episode How-TosEdit

  • HOW TO behave like a mentally handicapped baby
  • HOW TO see your reflection in your carpet
  • HOW TO develop an unhealthy obsession
  • HOW TO have fun with ham and Vaseline
  • HOW TO be a brony

Transcript Edit

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Reception for the episode have been generally mixed and rather controversial. Many viewers detested at My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic being the subject of the episode, making rather biased statements about Jon Graham supposedly becoming a "brony" (a term used to coin male fans of the show) and intending to put more references of the show itself in Bytes or the main season. Many fans of the show have also stated that they'll discontinue watching it due to this episode and the rumor of Jon being a brony. However, it is unlikely that the show will be mentioned in another episode. Jon himself has not mentioned or acknowledged the reception of this byte, or the possibility that he is a brony, possibly as to not evoke a negative response from fans.


  • In his commentary of "Two Point Zero", Jon Graham revealed he considers the homemade creation of Fluttershy to be one of the lowest points in his career (jokingly), due to its detestable appearance and nature.

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"Horsin' Around"

"Horsin' Around"

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