House of Cards
Season 5, Episode 1 (39)
House of Cards
Air date January 22, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Christmas Special 2010
Duck Love
"At least they're bringing people together... in a very not-together way."
Arbiter, referring to video game weddings

House of Cards is the first episode of the fifth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Master Chief and the Arbiter awaken on Christmas morning, joined by Greg the tarantula, and exchange gifts, following a jarring glimpse of events to come.

Plot Edit

The beginning of the episode shows a flashback to Wedding.

After the flashback, it shows Arbiter and Chief, about to crash another wedding. The church is shown afterwards, with Josh Butterballs, the video game journalist from Season 3, describing the wedding of Trent Donnovich, the gaming corporate tycoon. It is taking place at a church made using Forge mode, and is the biggest ingame wedding in history. Josh points out that Trent's sisters, Victoria and Brittany are welcoming the last of the guests to the wedding. After they are finished, they go inside the church, where Trent and Brian, the network admin assigned to protect Trent and his wedding, are waiting. The sisers voice their concern about holding a wedding in a first person shooter and the fact that somebody could join and ruin everything, Trent tells them that he has two of the top MLG players in the country protecting the church. Brian also mentions that players only spawn with plasma pistols. Other than Trent, Brian and the two MLG players.

Outside, Arbiter and Chief are walking towards the church, Arbiter with a pistol and a DMR, Chief with an assault rifle and a spartan laser. Trent's two guards reveal themselves. They point their weapons at them, and tell them to leave. Chief and Arbiter point their weapons back, with Arbiter asking which one of them wants to die first.

One month earlier, this episode picks up from the Christmas 2010 Special. It is Christmas morning, and Chief wants his present mentioned by Arbiter in the special. So he wakes up Arbiter at 5:50 in the morning. He also asks where Greg is, who shows up shortly after. He gives a gift to both of them. Arbiter gets a fake coupon book which entitles him to "OEN FR33 KIK IN TEH BALLZ", while Greg gets a fake coupon book that says "FUCK OFF u suk GAY SPIEDR". He then grabs his present and runs off. He says the present is awesome, but what it is isn't revealed yet.

Later, Arbiter is hanging out with Greg, building a "house" out of cards. He begins to wish his life had a purpose. Greg mentions that him and Chief crashed a wedding before. He then says that Chief said that they'd do it again. Arbiter, despite saying that the wedding crash was hilarious, says that he wouldn't do it again, that it was wrong.

At the same time, they are watching an interview. Josh is interviewing Trent. He asks if he has anything to say about Trent sacking half of his staff in his company Bad Games. He says it is because they were writers and he doesn't think that video games are about story, rather killing everything on the screen and advancing to the next area, and that is all that games have ever been about. He thinks of himself as doing them a favour, since he considers writing too easy and is encouraging them to find a new profession. Trent then calls out Josh for saying Halo 3: Reach as opposed to Halo: Reach.

Watching the interview gives Arbiter an idea.

Chief is seen glueing his leg that he cut off and presumably lost, revealing that the present was his lost leg.

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This episode was very well received. The intro in particular.

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"House of Cards"

"House of Cards"

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