Season Hypermail, Episode 1
Hypermail (Episode)
Air date May 21, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Hypermail is the first episode of Hypermail: Season 1.

Summary Edit

Your pals the Arbiter and Master Chief answer your fan mail!

Plot Edit

Chief and Arbiter are about to answer some mail. They have a brief argument about who the host is. After the argument, Arbiter then breaks the fourth wall to tell viewers that Hypermail and Season 6 will alternate between each other every week. They then answer numerous mail:

From Martin:

“Hello Arby and Chief,

My name is Martin, I would like to know which is the best first-person shooter of all time? Also what is your opinion on which one is better: Call Of Duty series or Battlefield series?

Can you answer, please?

Thank you for reading.

Best regards,

Martin”- Chief responds to Martin by saying that Halo: Reach is the best FPS due to being the newest, and that it's better than both COD and Battlefield, and calls Martin out for playing them (despite the fact that Martin never states that he does).

From Master3244:

"This question is directly for the Arbiter.

You know how Samus from Metroid Prime is actually a girl, even though all those badass moves and tricks led us to think that he was a guy at first? How would you react if under Master Chief's helmet is actually a very attractive woman with just a foul mouth?" - Arbiter responds by saying that he wouldn't be surprised, as Chief draws dicks all the time, however, he thinks he isn't attractive. Chief disagrees, obviously.

There is more, as revealed later:

"Dear Chief, why don't you glue a small stick of wood in place of your foot so that you can be just a gay pirate just like god intended you to be." - Chief responds by saying that he doesn't need since his legs are both back, and that he's a pirate already but not gay.

From John:

"This if for chief

how can u be so proo in HALO 3 I just love how u lock all the time with armor lock and oohh ur aim is soooo good :D- Chief thanks John and gives him some tips:

  • tip #1: try to aiem as good as u can
  • tip #2: alwaeys use armer lock

From CJ:

"Dear Chief

Why do you think your so good at halo. You suck dick at it. Your like the worst player in the world. Just pointing out a fact" - Chief is in disbelief that the mail really says that and refuses to look at it either.

After the last mail, the episode ends.

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