Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
First Appearance Conflict - Part 1
Last Appearance Alt-Right-Delete (cameo)
Status: Deceased (House Fire)
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag XxXsM0k3w33d4LyPh3420XxX
"You think you good at Reach? You think you the shit? I got news for you, you ain't shit, you ain't ever gonna be shit. Don't believe me? Check out these sick kills yo, always best enjoyed after smoking a bowl of dank bud, blaze it nigga!"
- Jeremy before starting his montage.

Jeremy was one of Chief's friends on Xbox Live during season 2. His gamertag was "XxXsM0k3w33d4LyPh3420XxX".



Jeremy's Reach avatar.

Jeremy was a young boy posing as a gangster, albeit horribly. He joined a game on Grand Theft Auto IV that Arbiter and some of his friends were playing. Jeremy's acting quickly irritated the other players and they began to argue. Chief showed up and when he found out that Arbiter was playing with Jeremy, he took the controller from him forcibly. Jeremy's father showed up and told him to turn off the console. Following Chief's advice, Jeremy called his dad a "fucking asshole", angering him. They then began to argue, his father telling him to stop acting like a "spoiled little shit" with Jeremy screaming at the top of his lungs, crying for his mother, and then abruptly leaving his console, to which the other players laughed.

A few years later, a youtube user named "sm0k3w33d4lyph3420" disliked Arbiter, Chief and Greg's show Hypernews on youtube. He also posted a comment saying "this is gay".

In the ten years after the incident on GTA IV, Jeremy did not shed his obnoxious attitude, but significantly improved his gaming skills (or at least his online marketability). He left Grand Theft Auto and became extremely active on Halo Reach, taking advantage of the game's long running player base.

In part B of Season 8, Episode 13, Jeremy returns with a "dope montage" with over the top editing and special effects, he then promotes a meet and greet on Halo: Reach where fans can meet his avatar.

At the meet up, the Hello World player, soon revealed to be Adam McIntyre, kills the TOSERS moderators out front and ultimately kills Smoke, fragging him. The Arbiter later finds out that Jeremy, A.K.A Smoke, was killed in a house fire, with the fire department finding his bones in the rubble. Coincidentally, the final time Smoke was online was at 4:20 PM.


  • "xXxsm0k3w33d4lyph420xXx" is not a valid Xbox Live Gamertag in real life, as it is too long. Jon Graham stated that he did this so people would stop copying his characters and showing up on Halo to gain attention from him. This is also satired in a post-credits scene at the end of the Season 3 episode, "Panic".