Jon is both a real person and a character. This article focuses on the character.
Jon Graham
Jon in "Fatal Exception"
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations None
First Appearance Cold
Last Appearance Triple Fault
Status: Alive, but absent.
Online Status Currently intact.
Gamertag Jon CJG (Earlier DigitalPh33r and JonCJ Graham)

Jon Graham is the human owner of Master Chief, Arbiter, and the apartment they live in. He is unaware of the fact that his toys are alive. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Main Series Edit

The toys reference him constantly, but he is rarely seen in person himself. He made one single on-screen appearance speaking to an acquaintence on the phone, before leaving his house to meet him. Jon rarely has an important role, but at one point, was revealed to have started falling behind in rent and had to get a roommate to live with him to help pay. The said roommate was later killed by a Russian agent, but thanks to Claire, Jon was able to move to L.A and live in an apartment with her.

Jon later moved to a new house around the time of the launch of Halo: Reach. He continued to make few appearances and it is eventually revealed by Arbiter that Jon is temporarily relocated for contract work, as of 2011. Jon's whereabouts since then are unknown, though the toys have made reference to several new games that Jon has purchased recently that were released in late 2011 and 2012.

Jon also smokes and has several cigarettes at his apartment, which Master Chief started smoking.

Season 8 Edit

In the premiere episode, "Fatal Exception", Jon appeared as the mission control of "Mission: Odyssey".

In "Triple Fault", Jon appears in a pre-recorded video in which he informs Arbiter that the mission has failed and suggests various methods of committing suicide.

Spin-offs Edit

Jon appeared in An Arby 'n' the Chief Short and in Hypermail. In An Arby 'n' the Chief Short, he was sleeping because he had been overworking himself. His hand is seen in "Silly Billies", where he is giving Chief the middle finger after what Chief said about him, and his voice is heard in "Voices of Raisins".

In a parallel universe to the main series, Jon is mentioned again by Master Chief and Arbiter. The two state that Jon's birthday is apparently in May, as revealed in "Well Hung". Arbiter also states that Jon is currently 23 years old and will turn 24 in May of 2012.