Voice Actor SeaNanners
Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
First Appearance Cheaters
Last Appearance Cheaters
Status: Alive
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Jon GJC

Jon GJC was the gamertag of an Xbox Live player.

Overview Edit

For Trent Donnovich's wedding, they misspelled 'Jon CJG' as 'Jon GJC', while allowing Arbiter and Master Chief into the wedding's server. This was actually a real gamertag.

It is assumed that Jon GJC was not a very good player, as during a match, a fellow player said: "Get your thumb outta your ass and get back into the game."

Fragging Edit

He was playing a match when he was fragged by the Underground Hackers, in order for Arbiter and Master Chief to use the account in order to get into the wedding.