Josh Butterballs
Josh, as he appears in Arby 'n' the Chief
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Severely Outdated Information Magazine
First Appearance Cheater
Last Appearance Nervewreck
Status: Alive
Online Status Unknown
Gamertag Unknown

Josh Butterballs is the reporter of Severely Outdated Information Magazine, and a recurring character in the Arby 'n' the Chief series.


He pretends to know about video games, but gets his facts wrong constantly. He refers to Halo 3 as "Halo 3: Combat Evolved" (and to Halo: Reach as Halo 3: Reach), while calling Halo: Combat Evolved just "the first Halo". He also refers to Call of Duty as "Duty Calls" and Battlefield as "The Battlefield". He is also terrible at games, as seen in his gameplay tip videos. He is essentially a parody of professional reviewers in general, as seen with his review of Resident Evil 5, which reiterated several of the game's common complaints.


Season 3Edit

Josh in Season 3

Josh represented Stupid Obvious Information Magazine, making several online tip videos for Halo 3. Master Chief watched the videos and copied the tips down, impressed by Josh's "skill" as a gamer. Josh's tips recommended aiming for the head and using rockets.

Josh also reviewed Resident Evil 5, delivering a two week long review. The entire review was spent criticizing the game for not being scary, which is something the Resident Evil series is known for, but acknowledging that it is a fun game.

Season 5Edit

Josh once again represented Stupid Obvious Information Magazine, now known as Severely Outdated Information Magazine, at the church of Trent Donnovich's wedding, taking place in Halo: Reach. He interviewed Trent several times. A month before the wedding he interviewed Trent about the wedding and about the sacking of half of his company's staff.

He interviewed Trent again in collaboration with Arbiter and Master Chief for their Hypernews online show. He asked Trent several questions about Bad Games' upcoming game, Guns of Honor.

Josh was also present during Trent's wedding itself, where his cameraman was filming him outside the church, as he informed his viewers of the events that were happening at the wedding. Josh and his cameraman noticed Master Chief and Arbiter arriving at the wedding, and witnessed their banning of Cody and Cameron, the wedding's security guards. Josh attempted to get more information from them regarding Trent's affair, but Master Chief shot both Josh and his cameraman with a machine gun, resulting in the banning of both.

Season 8 Edit

So far he's appeared in the first episode now on his own gaming magazine "You Butter Believe It".