Justin - SniperDeathAngel
Justin, as seen in Arby 'n' the Chief
Voice Actor Kris Boruff
Gender Male
Affiliations Trent Donnovich's Staff
First Appearance Severance
Last Appearance The Reunion
Status: Unknown
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag SniperDeathangel00
"Um, just to clarify, it's PDoS, as in Permanent Denial of Service... I'm not a pedophile."
— Justin to Trent Donnovich in "The Reunion"

Justin, or more commonly known as SniperDeathangel00, was a supporting antagonist in season 6 of Arby 'n' the Chief.


Justin is a software engineer. He created the Fragban hacks and the earlier versions used by the Underground Hackers. He provided Trent Donnovich with the frag-ban hacks, who in turn gave them to Chaos Theosis.

He is contacted by Trent Donnovich after he starts to lose faith in Chaos Theosis, and requires an alternative. He gives Trent a file that, when activated, will begin a 15 minute countdown timer and install corrupted software into the OMN; forcing it to shut down. Trent tells him that he will receive payment for his services. He then watches as Trent is struck by Arbiter's warthog.

Justin tries to kill Arbiter and Chief with a sniper rifle to buy Trent time to escape, but proves to be an absolutely dreadful shot with it and Arbiter frags him while Chief goes after an escaping Trent.

Trivia Edit

  • His voice actor is not credited in the credits of either Severance or The Reunion, the two episodes that he appears in.