Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations TOSERS
First Appearance Hard End
Last Appearance The Reunion
Status: Alive
Online Status Reinstated
Gamertag Unknown
"Yeah, well being young and being juvenile are sometimes mutually exclusive, you know?"
— Kevin to Arbiter before he is fragged.

Kevin is a supporting character in season 6 of Arby 'n' the Chief. He is a thirteen year old gamer who joined the TOSERS.

Role in TOSERSEdit

Kevin attempts to apply for TOSERS membership, but he is delayed because the group of recruits he tries to join is full. He manages to become part of the force and is shown partially in one of the conferences for the squad. He is often the bane of Cody's condescending attitude and is made fun of by him for only being 13 years old. Later, he is shown with the other TOSERS members, being warned about Chaos Theosis; he raises many questions during the meeting, but is once again made fun of by Cody.


When Arbiter and Master Chief infiltrate the private server which the hackers are using, they are discovered to be TOSERS moderators when Adam recognizes them. Kevin manages to save them from being banned when the hackers prepare to frag them. He is almost killed by one of the hackers who is sneaking up behind him, but is saved by Arbiter. He and Arbiter become briefly acquainted but unfortunately he is fragged himself by another when he is talking to the Arbiter. Arbiter is shocked by this and vows to avenge Kevin; which he manages to do immediately after.


He returns after Trent, Clyde and Stephen have been killed; attending the TOSERS reunion along with Claire, Cameron and Cody. He commemorates Arbiter and Chief for what they did.


Although he was young, his behaviour was far more mature than that of the other players encountered throughout the series (A message about how many players are judged by their age instead of their attitude/IQ). He is also very skilled at Halo: Reach. He holds a cool, calm, and collected attitude throughout the episodes; never directly getting angry or frustrated at the constant condescending comments from Cody or other people. He is intelligent and very level headed and down to Earth for his age.


  • When he appears in The Reunion, his armour is the wrong colour and appears to be the same as Justin's.

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