Kyle Mathison
Kyle Mathison
Voice Actor Matt Dannevik ("Ashes" – "Two Point Zero")

Kris Boruff (current)

Gender Male
Affiliations None
First Appearance Ashes
Last Appearance What Lies Beneath
Status: Alive
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Unknown
"At least I don't play with a female character model solely to avoid waddling my fat ass over the computer for masturbation fodder. That's fucked up. You ought to be the one in here, weirdo."
— speaking to a prison warden on a roleplaying server in "Black"

Kyle Mathison is a student who attends the same school as Eugene Black, Tyler King and his friend, Brody Mitchell.


Along with his friend Brody, Kyle was part of a Halo Reach RPG server, before being confronted by Eugene, Tyler and Colin. While initially standing up to the three, Kyle backed down from them after further insults while Brody continued. He would later talk to Brody again, inquiring about why he wasn't at school, and finding out about Tyler assaulting him.

Later, Kyle was "detained" in the roleplaying server for trying to steal a car. Talking to Brody, he found out about Tylers USB and attempted to help him in order to get back at Eugene. After six weeks, neither had discovered anything about the drive, until Brody accidentally banned two players.

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