Kylie 2.0
Kylie as she appears in Arby 'n' the Chief.
Voice Actor Elizabeth Carr-Ernst
Gender Female
Affiliations Chaos Theosis (formerly)

Kylie's Clan

First Appearance Genesis
Last Appearance Alt-Right-Delete
Status: Alive
Online Status Active
Gamertag KillerK1tten19
"I'll feel no regret watching this sexist, racist, homophobic cesspit of acne-ridden, basement-dwelling neckbeards burn and whither. I'll be helping them. I'll be shaking them out from their addiction like you've locked the heroine addict away for his own good, and I'd gladly do it for free."
— Kylie to Duncan in "Femme Fatale".

Kylie was the only female member of Chaos Theosis.

Overview Edit

Kylie is vicious and efficient. She is the sniper and light purple spartan of the group. She typically sports a needle rifle that can shoot through walls. Being the only female of the group, she is constantly hit on by Chief every time they meet. Aside from Chief, her friend list is full of an army of males who would do anything for her. She frowns upon the latest generation of children (especially Adam) for being so enamored with electronics. She believes to have a more balanced life of gaming and real life interactions, however she claims she cannot have a long term relationship because she finds the common man "geeky and too dependent."

She is also shown to have a very elitist, self-righteous and somewhat judgmental personality, as she wishes to take down XBL because of the stereotypical people that inhabit it, and sees herself as doing the right thing, and is also very condescending, even towards the Arbiter and other people she confronts.

It is revealed in Severance that Kylie has an abusive and alcoholic dad, which shapes the way she perceives men. She also wanted to escape that life, which is why she joined Clyde to help him destroy the Online Multiplayer Network, in order to be able to pay her way out of her situation. She strongly verifies this by expressing extreme distress when getting her paycheck cancelled for not finishing her job.

She also tends to underestimate some people if she considers them to be stupid. This demonstrated when she is shown talking to Clyde after her banning, saying that she thought Chief wouldn't have enough intelligence to use a hologram to distract her in a million years, which ultimately resulted in her downfall.

Chaos Theosis Edit

Wielding the Needle Rifle and a Magnum (and on one occasion an Sniper Rifle), she acts as the team's sniper because of her ability to shoot through walls through means of a mod and her effeciency. She believes the clan is only doing good by giving a message to the youth to "man up." She is also fully aware of the master plan to take down Xbox Live.

Fragging Edit

Kylie was fragged by Chief (using a hologram to distract her), after Arbiter killed both of her bodyguards.

Kylie's bodyguards weren't given the hacks, which allowed Kylie to individually ban the players in the server that they joined. This let Arbiter sneak in unnoticed to create an ambush against her, and her goons. Kylie turned on invisibilty, and pinned down Arbiter behind a column, but Master Chief arrived wisening up, realizing that his attempt to ban Arbiter was in vain, and Kylie didn't truly love him, but rather just wanted to take down the network, which he valued above everything else. He distracted Kylie with a hologram before assassinating her, and then violently tea-bagging her, calling her a bitch in the process.

She would later warn Clyde about the two, and with Adam fragged and Duncan gone as well, Clyde is the only one left. Clyde however furiously cuts all connection with her, leaving her without the pay she was promised.

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Quotes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Her gamertag, KillerK1tten19, is a real gamertag.
  • She is the first character to have an abusive father, the second being Eugene Black, and the third being the infant daughter of Jeffrey.
  • In Genesis, she has Recon shoulder pads, but in Severance she has the default shoulder pads
  • It was also mentioned in an episode of the See Me After Class Podcast by series creator Jon Graham, that Kylie was attractive in real life, and had not sent nudes to anyone during her time on the network.