Voice Actor Ian Beckman
Gender Male
Affiliations TOSERS
First Appearance TOSERS (episode)
Last Appearance Remission
Status: Unknown
Online Status Unknown
Gamertag Unknown

Leonard is the Basic Division Administrator at TOSERS.


He can be identified by his distinct Canadian accent and slight lisp. His armor is ODST helmet, with Orange tone. He is seen throughout the episodes, with his first appearance in TOSERS. His next appearance is in Dough Eyes; where he informs the new recruits about Chaos Theosis. He makes sporadic appearances throughout the Season Six. In Fired Up, he discharges Master Chief and Arbiter from TOSERS after Chief's behaviour.


Not much is revealed about Leonard's personality, but he dislikes Chief because of his immature and offensive behaviour. He can be easily swayed to change his decisions; such as when Arbiter and Chief are kicked out of TOSERS. He is stern but fair, often enforcing warnings to the two rather than outright banning them. He will try to avoid causing any confrontation; such as in 'Dough Eyes', where he doesn't respond to Chief's swearing.


His last appearance in the series is in the episode Remission, where he bravely takes on Clyde with his shotgun. He retreats when Clyde goes into armor lock and meets up with the Arbiter and Chief. He bumps Chief and Arbiter up to Level 3 Moderators, but fails to get the hacks off them in time as he is assassinated by Adam. Once Chaos Theosis were stopped, all of the players that they fragged had their bans lifted.

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