The following is a list of all Arby 'n' the Chief episodes.

Seasons # of Episodes Airdate Running Time Genre
Season 1 6 January 7, 2008 March 14, 2008 8 - 10 Minutes Comedy
Season 2 6 April 4, 2008 May 31, 2008 7 - 9 Minutes Comedy
Season 3 13 August 3, 2008 May 30, 2009 5 - 18 Minutes Comedy
Season 4 13 June 26, 2010 December 11, 2010 4 - 13 Minutes Comedy
Season 5 13 January 22, 2011 April 23, 2011 9 - 31 Minutes Action Comedy
Season 6 13 June 18, 2011 February 18, 2012 15 - 33 Minutes Drama
Season 7 25 April 7, 2012 August 17, 2013 8 - 30 Minutes Drama
Season 8 33 November 5, 2015 Ongoing Dramedy

Season 1Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Pilot "Pilot" January 7, 2008 1-01 1
Master Chief, a lonely action figure, is greeted by a new friend that will change his life forever.
ReconEpisodePicture "Recon" January 18, 2008 1-02 2
Master Chief devises a plan to get the prized Recon armor.
AttitudeEpisodePicture "Attitude" January 25, 2008 1-03 3
Master Chief develops an attitude problem and unleashes it by doing something terrible.
Melee "Melee" February 8, 2008 1-04 4
After griping about Forge, The Arbiter challenges Master Chief to a one-on-one duel on Halo 3, but it doesn't last long when the Arbiter gets a kill that should have been the Chief's.
Martryrdom "Martyrdom" February 22, 2008 1-05 5
For reasons unknown to Master Chief, Halo 3 multiplayer is exceptionally laggy and he decides to give Devil May Cry 4 and Call of Duty 4 a shot.
Brawl "Brawl" March 14, 2008 1-06 6
Master Chief broadens his horizons by playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Arbiter.
List of Arby 'n' the Chief episodes

Season 2Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Girlz "Girls" April 4, 2008 2-01 7
After a sickening display of Master Chief's behavior around girls on Xbox Live, the Arbiter takes it upon himself to teach Master Chief how to act appropriately around women.
Legendary "Legendary" April 18, 2008 2-02 8
Inspired by seeing the new Forge visual filter objects in the Legendary Map Pack, Master Chief is inspired to create his own map.
NewcomersEpisodePicture "Newcomers" April 25, 2008 2-03 9
After the Arbiter plays a headache-inducing game with a few super serious Halo 3 players, Master Chief inquires about a mysterious package that has been delivered to Jon, the house owner, and discovers later that night that the contents of the package will change his and the Arbiter's lives forever.
CortanaEpisodePicture "Cortana" May 2, 2008 2-04 10
While Arbiter and Travis argue while playing GTA IV, Master Chief attempts to break up Cortana and Todd.
Conflict (Part 1) "Conflict - Part 1" May 9, 2008 2-05 11
Todd has stolen the love of Master Chief's life, and Travis has made a complete fool out of him. As a result, a disgruntled Chief approaches the Arbiter during an irritating game of Grand Theft Auto IV online and tells the Arbiter of his plans to teach Todd and Travis a lesson that they will never forget.
Conflict (Part 2) "Conflict - Part 2" May 31, 2008 2-06 12
Picking up from where episode 11 left off, Todd, Travis and the Chief get into an epic rumble that eventually gets broken up by the Arbiter and Cortana. However, the next morning, Todd and Travis are nowhere to be found, and Cortana blames the Chief... but did he really have anything to do with their disappearance?
List of Arby 'n' the Chief episodes

Season 3Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Cold "Cold" August 3, 2008 3-01 13
Chief attempts to buy Cold Storage with Jon's money, unaware that it's free.
Wedding "Wedding" August 23, 2008 3-02 14
Arbiter and Chief are invited to attend an in-game wedding on Halo 3.
Professional "Professional" October 20, 2008 3-03 15
Chief introduces Arbiter to his friend, Craig, who claims to be an MLG.
Face Off "Face Off" November 22, 2008 3-04 16
After Chief's feelings are hurt by Craig, Arbiter confronts him only to wind up having Chief face him in a rematch.
Showdown "Showdown" December 20, 2008 3-05 17
Chief and Craig face off, unaware that that Arbiter is playing in Chief's place.
Glitch - Why "Glitch" January 17, 2009 3-06 18
A glitch on Halo 3 causing armor pieces to disappear causes players across Xbox-Live to riot.
Panic "Panic" February 7, 2009 3-07 19
The glitched players continue to riot while Arbiter and Chief try to stay safe.
Cheater "Cheater" March 7, 2009 3-08 20
Fed up with constantly sucking at Halo 3, Chief decides to take drastic measures in improving his abilties.
Company part 1 "Company - Part 1" April 4, 2009 3-09 21
Chief decides to run his own machinima group, but his ego may get the better of him.
Arby chief party "Party" April 17, 2010 3-10 22
Arbiter is hungover from a party last night and tries to remember what happened.
Company 2 "Company - Part 2" May 2, 2009 3-11 23
Chief continues trying to run his machinima group, but his actions are annoying the Arbiter greatly.
Evil "Evil" May 15, 2009 3-12 24
Arbiter runs into a group online that is protesting Resident Evil 5 for supposedly promoting racism, which makes him feel conflicted.
Arby chief king "King" May 30, 2009 3-13 25
Arbiter, Chief, and several players are trapped in a glitched match online. Each one having an opposing view on Machinima.
List of Arby 'n' the Chief episodes

Season 4Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Out of Reach "Out of Reach" June 26, 2010 4-01 26
Master Chief and the Arbiter wait for the imminent release of the Halo: Reach beta. While the Arbiter is excited but perfectly willing to wait, Master Chief is not, and will take drastic measures to play it early.
It's a Beta "It's a Beta" July 10, 2010 4-02 27
The Arbiter arranges to provide technical feedback for the Halo: Reach beta on the Bungie forums and discuss it among peers-- that is, if he can pry Master Chief from playing the beta.
Pirates "Pirates" July 24, 2010 4-03 28
The Arbiter returns home from a terrible day at university to find Master Chief pretending to be a pirate.
Aces and Spaces "Aces and Spaces" August 7, 2010 4-04 29
Master Chief makes fun of the Arbiter while he attempts to better his drawing skills and challenges him to a rude competition.
Giveth & Taketh "Giveth and Taketh" August 21, 2010 4-05 30
Master Chief grows bored with Halo 3 and decides to play the Reach beta to kill time until its September retail release, and is choked when the Arbiter tells him the beta is now unavailable.
PS3 "God's Work" September 4, 2010 4-06 31
The Arbiter attempts to play Demons' Souls on PS3 without Master Chief realizing and freaking out, as his allegiance lies absolutely with Microsoft and their products.
B& "B& (Part 1)" September 18, 2010 4-07 32
Halo: Reach has finally hit store shelves, but Jon's copy has been lost during his move to a new apartment. While the Arbiter searches for it, Master Chief plays Modern Warfare 2 and encounters a JTAG-ging hacker.
B& 2 "B& (Part 2)" October 2, 2010 4-08 33
Stopped by a console ban from Xbox Live, the aftermath of Master Chief's brief JTAG-ing romp on Modern Warfare 2 ensues as the Arbiter returns having finally found Halo: Reach.
Digital fruitcakes "Digital Fruitcakes" October 16, 2010 4-09 34
Master Chief challenges the Arbiter to a competitive match in Halo: Reach, Chief teamed up alongside his team of "noobs", who all exploit anything they can to win.
Arbiter vs Brent "Night of the Evading Dead" October 30th, 2010 4-10 35
It's Halloween, and after a late night of playing the Living Dead playlist, Arbiter tries to get some shuteye. However, Master Chief insists he get up early to play Infection custom games with him to celebrate the holiday.
Mail Room "The Mail Room" November 13, 2010 4-11 36
Master Chief and the Arbiter answer a handful of e-mails from fans.
Mail Room II "The Mail Room II" November 27, 2010 4-12 37
The Arbiter and Master Chief answer another batch of fan-mail.
Ssds "The Spider" December 11, 2010 4-13 38
A typical uneventful day for Master Chief and the Arbiter, a chronic arachnophobe, is turned upside down when a large tarantula finds its way into Jon's apartment.
List of Arby 'n' the Chief episodes

Season 5Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
House of Cards "House of Cards" January 22, 2011 5-01 39
Master Chief, Arbiter, and Greg celebrate Christmas while Gaming Corporate Tycoon Trent Donnovich announces an in-game wedding.
Duck love "Duck Love" January 29, 2011 5-02 40
Arbiter and Greg decide to make their own show about gaming.
Low on Hearts "Low on Hearts" February 5, 2011 5-03 41
Arbiter reunites with Claire online, but learns something shocking about her.
Rock Bottom "Rock Bottom" February 12, 2011 5-04 42
Master Chief challenges an MLG Player and his partner while Arbiter is rocked with depression about Claire's revelation.
Hypermail I "Hypernews I" February 19, 2011 5-05 43
The Arbiter and Master Chief air the first episode of their show, Hypernews.
Drunken Halo Episode Picture "Drunken Halo" February 26, 2011 5-06 44
Arbiter and Master Chief get drunk after the failure of Hypernews, and Arbtier runs into Claire again.
Time Wasters "Time Wasters" March 5, 2011 5-07 45
Arbiter teaches Master Chief how to play better at Halo.
Da Bomb Episode Picture "Da Bomb" March 12, 2011 5-08 46
Master Chief and the Arbiter are invited to visit Trent's Church and Staff.
Double Trouble "Double Trouble" March 19, 2011 5-09 47
Master Chief has a rematch with the MLG Players, Cody and Cameron, and Arbtier must join him.
Hypernews II "Hypernews II" March 26, 2011 5-10 48
The Arbiter and Master Chief air the second episode of their show, Hypernews.
Stag Night 2 "Stag Night" April 2, 2011 5-11 49
Arbiter is invited to Trent's Stag, but he refuses to let Chief come too in fear of him ruining him.
JonGJC "Cheaters" April 16, 2011 5-12 50
Things take a turn for the worse when Arbiter and Chief learn a dark secret about Trent and are banned from the server from telling anyone about it.
Crackin'Skulls "Collapse" April 23, 2011 5-13 51
Armed with Console-banning hacks, Arbiter and Chief storm Trent's Church in hopes of stopping his wedding before it's too late.
List of Arby 'n' the Chief episodes

Season 6Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Genesis "Genesis" June 18, 2011 6-01 52
Master Chief and Arbiter cope with their withdrawal from Xbox Live while a new enemy rises.
HardEnd "Hard End" July 2, 2011 6-02 53
Master Chief decides to apply for the TOSERS in-game police organization to have his online multiplayer access reinstated. Arbiter refuses to join him, unable to shake himself out of his depressive funk.
TOSERS "TOSERS" July 16, 2011 6-03 54
Master Chief and the Arbiter form an uneasy alliance with Cody and Cameron, fellow TOSERS applicants and once bodyguards of Trent Donnovich at his wedding, to fight off the hacker clan Chaos Theosis.
Abilities "Dough Eyes" July 30, 2011 6-04 55
After Arbiter catches Master Chief making a mysterious phone call, the two set out to moderate Halo: Reach online play as newly recruited TOSERS.
RedWalkway "Chaos Theosis" August 13, 2011 6-05 56
The Arbiter and Master Chief begin their duty as level negative one TOSERS in-game moderators. Meanwhile, the Chaos Theosis clan continues its merciless rampage throughout online matchmaking.
Thrusters "Fired Up" August 27, 2011 6-06 57
Master Chief collapses from exhaustion after a full day of moderating duty. The Arbiter can't sleep and decides to resume play through the night -- and a newly promoted Claire is assigned as his supervisor.
Walkway "The Storm" September 10, 2011 6-07 58
Arbiter makes a last-ditch effort to retain the toys' positions on the TOSERS moderation force.
RoundHouseArbiter "Blackout" September 24, 2011 6-08 59
Master Chief and the Arbiter are in the belly of a private hacking server at severe risk of having their console irreversibly banned and must find a way out, but not without the hack files they came for.
Gutting "Remission" October 15, 2011 6-09 60
Chaos Theosis attacks the TOSERS main operations server, killing every moderator in sight. Meanwhile, the toys are still stuck in a power outage.
Cradle to Grave Episode Picture "Cradle to Grave" November 5, 2011 6-10 61
Master Chief and the Arbiter, having pinned up mugshots of each member of the Chaos Theosis clan on the apartment's front door (their "hit list"), label each with their gamertags and settle on tracking and taking out the youngest member of the clan first, Claire's killer -- Adam.
TheMeeting "Femme Fatale" December 3, 2011 6-11 62
Kylie confronts Duncan regarding his avoidance of the tasks assigned to him by Clyde, and the toys bicker over who to make their next target.
Sword "Severance" January 14, 2012 6-12 63
Master Chief and Arbiter target the remaining Chaos Theosis members on their hit list.
The Reunion "The Reunion" February 18, 2012 6-13 64
Master Chief and the Arbiter face off with Trent Donnovich, who has been revealed to be behind Chaos Theosis and their attack on the network.
List of Arby 'n' the Chief episodes

Season 7 Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Reapers "Reapers" April 7, 2012 7-01 65
Life settles down after Cortana and Greg return home. Elsewhere, a group of trolls assault a Halo server that is holding a Funeral for a deceased player.
Barbie and the Chief "Barbie 'n' the Chief" April 28, 2012 7-02 66
Master Chief secretly orders and collects a mysterious package. Meanwhile, the personalities of the trio of trolls depicted in the glimpse of the future in the premiere episode slowly begin to unravel.
Massive Damege "Massive Damage" May 26, 2012 7-03 67
Arbiter further searches for ways of coping with his deterioration. Meanwhile, Master Chief pursues the woman of his dreams, Emma -- who merely spoke to him for thirty seconds and sent him a clan invite -- and Eugene punishes a player unfamiliar to him who has been trolling matches and forums poorly, falsely claiming to be a member of Eugene's clan in the process.
Terminal INGAME "Terminal" June 16, 2012 7-04 68
Following his first taste of rejection by a girl he fell in love with online, Master Chief falls further into a downward spiral. Meanwhile, Cortana and Greg confront Arbiter about his excessive drinking.
Flames "Heat" July 7, 2012 7-05 69
Master Chief wakes himself up early in the morning while the other toys are still asleep in order to go through with his mysterious plan previously interrupted by the Arbiter.
Ashes "Ashes" August 13, 2012 7-06 70
Master Chief struggles to place his accidental incineration of Cortana out of his mind. Arbiter, under the impression that Cortana had asked Greg's assistance in having her mailed to a children's charity, attempts to come to terms with the fact that she's gone. Greg, aware of the truth, is torn between confessing to Arbiter to clear his conscience and concealing the truth to keep the peace in the apartment.
ArbiterEugeneStandff "Two Point Zero" September 15, 2012 7-07 71
Master Chief is forced to take action when Greg's guilt over concealing Arbiter from the truth regarding Cortana's disappearance becomes too much for him to handle. Arbiter is beckoned unexpectedly by an acquaintance for help.
Duo "Blast Radius" March 30, 2013 7-08 72
The Arbiter, upset with Greg -- believing him to have helped Cortana mail herself away to a children's charity -- turns down his company in favor of playing online with the Chief and the duo's new friend, Eugene. The Chief struggles with nicotine withdrawal. Eugene and his trolling clan's co-moderators Tyler and Colin, now in possession of a new iteration of the Fragban software patch -- with the capability of issuing a console-level ban upon a fragged player -- begin wreaking havoc throughout the gaming network.
Broken "Broken" April 6, 2013 7-09 73
Eugene decides to confide in The Arbiter and Master Chief and reveal to them a secret, after which tension rises greatly between the toys. Greg, clueless what do with his knowledge regarding the truth of Cortana's demise, makes a radical decision. After throwing himself a party, the Chief experiences a traumatizing sight.
Burned "Burned" April 13, 2013 7-10 74
Emma, the leader of a purist trash-talk-free gaming clan (who shot down Chief, who believed the two of them were in a relationship), attempts to inflate the faith of her members despite the clan's modest interest to the public and recruitment figures. Tyler, at last in the possession of the perma-banning Fragban software patch, wreaks havoc online. Tensions rise between he, Eugene and Colin after Colin makes a controversial announcement. Eugene enters a heated exchange with his father. The toys are at odds over the participation in the banning of players with Eugene.
Arbiter smokes "Black" April 20, 2013 7-11 75
Brody, the bullied online role-player who attends the same high school as Eugene and Tyler, approaches his friend Kyle in the pair's frequented server and offers a concerning proposition. Eugene and Arbiter chat privately; Eugene apologizes for he and Arbiter's earlier conflict over the use of the Fragban software patch, and an in-depth discussion follows revealing of the two's troubled lives and personal beliefs.
Wake "Wake" April 27, 2013 7-12 76
Chief continues to be haunted by visions of Cortana. Following his in-depth discussion with Eugene, Arbiter makes a rash decision."
Dead Weight "Dead Weight" May 4, 2013 7-13 77
The toys accept the gift of the Fragban 2.0 software patch (with the capability of banning players upon fragging them) from Eugene, and wreak havoc throughout online matchmaking with it after Colin gives the clan the green light to proceed with its usage.
Spiraling "Spiraling" May 11, 2013 7-14 78
Six weeks have passed since the toys acquired the Fragban software patch from Eugene. Arbiter continues to deteriorate. The toys are informed by Eugene of an imminent memorial service for a deceased teenage gamer to be hosted online and in-game.
BloodStain "Crush" May 18, 2013 7-15 79
After a long absence, Claire returns online, eager to reconnect with the Arbiter. Eugene obtains dirt on Brody via Tyler.
ArbiterGun "In Memoriam" June 1, 2013 7-16 80
Having finally discovered the usage and purpose of the console-bricking software they stole from Tyler, Brody and Kyle find themselves at odds over whether to use the files to ban Eugene or submit them directly to the administration in the hopes that a firmware fix will be developed. Eugene, Tyler, Colin and the toys await the start of the memorial service (seen in the season's premiere episode).
Descent 5 "Descent" June 8, 2013 7-17 81
A jarring glimpse of two weeks into the future teases a terrible fate for the toys. Following the memorial service crash, the toys find themselves at the peak of their happiness. Eugene and Tyler obsessively await Brody's reappearance. Arbiter has a revealing conversation with Colin.
Takeaseat "Take A Seat" June 22, 2013 7-18 82
Master Chief's visions of Cortana intensify to the point where the two converse, and uncovers a dark secret of Colin's.
What Lies Beneath - Eugene with Brody "What Lies Beneath" June 29, 2013 7-19 83
The toys discuss which course of action to take in response to Colin's inappropriate conduct with a minor online, and are given a jarring glimpse of Eugene's malice.
Greenlit "Greenlit" July 6, 2013 7-20 84
The toys struggle with divorcing themselves from the only friends they've ever made online and defecting from the clan.
Eugene and Tyler Flatline "Flatline" July 13, 2013 7-21 85
Eugene receives devastating news. The toys reflect on their defeat by Eugene and his co-moderators and discuss retaliation.
Horizon "Event Horizon" July 20, 2013 7-22 86
Following the banning of the toys and the news of Madeline's abrupt passing, Eugene suggests he, Tyler and Colin get the most out of Fragban while it's functional by initiating a merciless banning rampage. Meanwhile, Master Chief decides to put Colin's private IRC server info received from Peter, the young boy who was under the threat of sexual assault, to worthwhile use.
BulletToTheHead "The Big Bang" July 27, 2013 7-23 87
The toys fight against Eugene and his co-moderators until only one side is victorious.
Game Over - by the window "Game Over" August 4, 2013 7-24 88
The toys struggle to come to terms with Eugene's suicide and the takedown of his co-moderators.
Final Moments "Ignition" August 17, 2013 7-25 89
Arbiter confronts Chief to learn of Cortana's true fate after discovering her base plate buried in the box of junk at the bottom of the hallway closet, where Chief had hidden it after accidentally incinerating her. The apartment receives unexpected visitors.
List of Arby 'n' the Chief episodes