Season LA, Episode 3
LA 3
Air date December 5, 2009
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Ian Beckman
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Lost is the third episode of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.

Plot Edit

Master Chief and the Arbiter are lost next to a dumpster. The Chief wants to go to the zoo like the Arbiter suggested last episode, but the Arbiter has had second thoughts and explains that they can't go to the zoo because people cannot see them or else they would both be captured and experimented on by the government. When the Chief makes a crude comparison to the movie District 9, the Arbiter reveals that he believes in aliens, which the Chief laughs at him for. The Arbiter retorts by asking why the universe is constantly expanding and so unfathomably large if Earth is the only planet that supports life. The Chief says that God is fat and needs that much space for Himself, and that the universe expands because He is constantly getting fatter.

During the ensuing debate, the Arbiter is forced to freeze for a moment as someone walks up to the dumpster and throws something away. Amazingly, the Chief ends up winning the argument; when the Arbiter tells him that he is completely illogical, he counters by saying, “sew iz teh fax taht wez iz aliv3. u evan sed, s0 fux u.” The Master Chief still wants to go to the zoo, but the Arbiter physically stops him The by shoving him against a wall (prompting the Chief to shout, “halp!1 rap3!”). Master Chief then suggests that they go back to Claire’s house. When the Arbiter doesn’t want to go back because he is still upset over Claire, this time the Chief refuses to listen to him and heads off on his own.

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