Low on Hearts
Season 5, Episode 3 (41)
Low on Hearts
Air date February 5, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Low on Hearts is the third episode of the fifth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Arbiter catches up with Claire during a match on Halo: Reach, whom he hasn't seen in a long time. He also works hard at developing his show... as does Master Chief.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Claire playing a game of Halo: Reach. She gets killed due to being triple teamed. One of the members of her clan gets annoyed at her for this. Arbiter is playing in the same game. He notices her and says her name. She leaves her party to go to talk to him. They talk to each other. He says that he hasn't seen her online for a long time and she tells him that she had school. She says she has time off now that it is holidays for her, and she is playing Halo again, and that she joined a clan called Noob Control. She says that she better rejoin her party now, but says that it was nice talking to Arbiter again.

Later, Arbiter is working on a good idea for his show. Greg shows up and scares him, making him fall off the bed. He tells Greg about his ideas. Chief starts playing music loud, with the lyrics being "Activate, Activate-tivate" over and over again. Arbiter tells him to turn it down. He eventually turns it off. He tells Arbiter that the song is called Activate. He also tells him that it's for his show. After that he gets a few drawings that he made. Drawings of dicks. Also for this show. Arbiter is disgusted. Chief reveals a "great" idea for his show. Technodicks. Techno with dick drawings. Chief shows Arbiter a few other things too.

Some time after, Arbiter is reflecting on his ideas from before. Now they don't seem as good to him. He decides afterwards that the entire thing is terrible and he can't write. Chief shows up and tells him that his show isn't going well either. Arbiter doesn't care. Chief kicks him and tells them that they should work together now.

Later, Arbiter is playing another game. He runs into Claire again, who is still playing with her clan. Another person shows up, annoyed that Claire left the party again. The person is Trent Donnovich, the man who is getting married on Reach. It turns out that Claire is who he is marrying. Trent insults Arbiter's voice, along with his existence, and leaves, telling Claire to come too. Arbiter becomes upset by what happened.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO hit on chicks online
  • HOW TO write for a gaming news show
  • HOW TO draw crude cartoons of genitalia
  • HOW TO make phat beats
  • HOW TO break somebody's heart

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"Low on Hearts"

"Low on Hearts"

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