Luigi, as he appears in Arby 'n' The Chief in L.A.
Voice Actor Ralph Sanchez
Gender Male
Affiliations Mario's henchmen
First Appearance Ensemble
Last Appearance Game Over
Status: Alive
Online Status N/A
Gamertag None

Luigi is a supporting character from Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.


Luigi is Mario's younger brother and one of his henchmen, along with Sonic the Hedgehog and Toad. He is very timid, often submitting to Mario's wishes despite knowing them to be wrong. He tries to stand up to Mario on some occasions with his own game, Luigi's Mansion, but Mario's more successful career forces him to live in constant fear of Mario's short temper. He is also polite, often disapproving of Master Chief's language and Toad's smoking. After objecting to killing Sonic and The Arbiter, he helps Chief rescue them.


Luigi is first introduced in Ensemble with Toad after Sonic introduces them to Master Chief and The Arbiter. In fear of Mario getting angry, he and Toad urge them to leave but instead hide Arbiter when they are confronted by Mario. After Mario hits Luigi and threatens Toad, Arbiter confronts him and consults with him about kicking out Chief so that he can stay at his house. Luigi objects to this but his pleas fall on deaf ears due to Mario's overbearing intimidation.

Once Chief is kicked out and Arbiter and Sonic are tied up, Mario reveals that he plans on killing them both. Having enough, Luigi and Toad refuse to go through with Mario plans and thus are kicked out too. Finding Master Chief, the three return to the Brofessional Gamers and confront Mario just as prepares to kill Arbiter and Sonic in a microwave. As Chief battles with Mario, Toad and Luigi work together to free Arbiter and Sonic just in time. After Chief's "Funeral," Luigi and the other prepare to play Halo 3 in his memory, only to find it gone from Master Chief.