Madeline Black

Voice Actor None
Gender Female
Affiliations Eugene Black
First Appearance Terminal (mention)
Last Appearance Flatline (mention)
Status: Deceased
Online Status N/A
Gamertag Unknown
Madeline Black (no official spelling given) was the older sister of Eugene Black. She suffered from leukemia. According to Eugene, she used to be a very strong figure and was the only positive element of his life. Despite her condition, she apparently managed to keep a positive attitude.

She was treated by a Dr. Harris and was unable to leave the hospital. While Master Chief and Arbiter have never met her, Eugene mentioned her to Arbiter when they first met and Arbiter asked about her during their second meeting.

Madeline eventually suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and passed away. Dr. Harris called Eugene, and informed him of her fate.

Personality Edit

Eugene told Arbiter that Madeline, despite her illness, kept a good sense of humor about her condition, which he finds uplifting and hopeful.

Trivia Edit

  • She is sarcastically confirmed to be an extremely attractive hermaphodite, with “super big tits”. Series creator Jon Graham has vehemently defended the point that she also had a sizeable phallus which remained “coiled around her leg” during the time she spent hospitalized.
  • She was also sarcastically confirmed to have been “banged by the Arbiter”, which was likely a catalyst for the events of Season Seven. While unconfirmed, it is also highly possible that Madeline engaged in sexual activity with Brody Mitchell. This would explain why Eugene was so overt in bullying his young homosexual classmate, as Brody would be the only living person to know Madeline better than her younger brother, and this would become a point of conflict as the season progressed and Madeline’s condition worsened. Brody’s possible sexual advances would have been driven by Madeline’s large penis.
  • Jon has read this theory, but declined to comment on its legitimacy, preferring to leave the details of Madeline’s sex life up to the audience’s interpretation.
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