Mai n00bz
Mai n00bz
Type Clan
Status Unknown
Date of formation Unknown
Leader Master Chief
Notable members Todd

"Mai n00bz" was what Master Chief called his clan. The clan's strategies involved camping and exploiting armor abilities to win their games. All four members of the clan had a match against Arbiter, which they lost.


Master Chief (Microsoft Sam)
The leader of the clan, Master Chief's preferred armor ability was armor lock.
Todd, "SoccerKid01" (Jon Graham)
Todd was a child who played Halo: Reach with the rest of the clan. He also played soccer. His strategy in Halo was to exploit the jetpack armor ability and kill others using what he called "higher ground advantage". During the match with Arbiter, Todd was the first to be killed due to his inability to aim at Arbiter, which he commented on.
Kyle, "KarmaPolice"
Kyle was another member of the clan, who lived in an apartment with only a chair, an Xbox 360 and a television. He played Halo constantly, never leaving his house and only stopping to drink cough syrup. His preferred armor ability was the active camo, which he used for camping. During the match with Arbiter, Kyle was the second to be killed. He tried to start camping, but Arbiter had already seen him.
Tucker, "KingBoo666"
Tucker was a six year old member of the clan. His preferred armor ability was the hologram, and his strategy was to spam grenades and holograms and run away whenever another player saw him. During the match with Arbiter, Tucker was the third to be killed, because Arbiter wasn't fooled by the holograms and he avoided the grenades with ease.


  • The names Todd, Kyle, and Tucker were all made fun of by an American comedian George Carlin in one of his standup routines. The names of the three people in Chief's clan could have been referencing this.
  • Considering how the intro to this episode is an allusion to Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film 'A Clockwork Orange', the name of Chief's clan ('mai n00bz') may be a reference to how in the film Alex refers to his accomplices as his 'droogs'.