Mario, as seen in Arby 'n' the Chief
Voice Actor John Yniguez
Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
First Appearance Ensemble
Last Appearance Game Over
Status: Unknown, but likely alive
Online Status N/A
Gamertag N/A

Mario was the main antagonist of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.


He was the tyrannical leader of the toys, Sonic the Hedgehog, Toad and Luigi. He treated them all awfully. He broke Sonic's leg for playing Halo 3, he constantlly makes Toad cook pasta for him, and constantly spites Luigi despite him being his brother. He also despises the Halo series since it had overtaken Super Mario Bros. in popularity. When Arbiter and Chief find the game shop that they all live at, Mario eventually finds out about them. After a long talk, he is convinced to let Arbiter stay with them, however, he refuses to let Master Chief stay. Arbiter regretfully chooses to stay.


Mario is depicted as a criminally insane, murderous, delusional, and tyrannical egomaniac who views himself as the face of gaming. He treats all the other toys horribly and often tries to prove that he is superior to all the other gaming icons. Mario also despises the Halo series due to it's popularity rivalling that of the Super Mario Bros series. He views the Master Chief as a fraud, believing that an incredibly boring and flat character does not deserve to be the "face of gaming".


Mario later locks Sonic in a cupboard, and secretly gets Toad to capture Arbiter and lock him there too. When he reveals his plan to kill them both. Toad and Luigi both object to that. This results on them being kicked out as well. Mario later puts them in a microwave, planning to burn them alive. However, Chief, Toad and Luigi show up and stop him and seem to kill him, at the apparent cost of Chief's life (though he actually survived as seen later). While Arbiter, Toad, Luigi and Sonic gave Chief a funeral, Mario got put in the freezer.

Possible SurvivalEdit

At the end of "Game Over", the freezer is seen open with nobody inside it. This could mean that he survived, and is planning revenge on the other toys.


  • Mario is one of the least popular characters in the series. Fans felt that his obsessive egomaniacal demeanor made him a very abhorrent character.
  • In later episodes of the main series, Master Chief appears to have inherited some of Mario's egotistical traits. While Mario tries to prove that he is still the face of gaming, the Chief on the other hand hates any series that threaten Halo's popularity and tries to prevent them from overtaking Halo in popularity.
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