Master Chief is one of the primary protagonists of the series and has many relationships with the other characters featured in the show, which are usually very strained and sour. He typically antagonises everyone he meets and once stated that being even a little respectful to others would hurt his soul.


Happy Reunion

Chief and Arbiter

"arbitur is acshuly sort of my friend ok? well not rly but kind of, but not acshully, but a little bit, mebbeh i dont no lol, in a wierd way i gess, but not rly"
— Master Chief describing his relationship with the Arbiter to Kylie

Chief's most complex relationship is with the Arbiter; whom he lives with. The two have been 'frenemies' since the very start of the series, with Chief openly mocking Arbiter at any chance he gets. Chief has stated on many occasions that he hates Arbiter and that he isn't friends with him. He constantly mocks and insults him; usually about his depressing attitude towards life, his looks, his love for Claire or making mom jokes against him. He acts very hostile towards him and more than often gets into fights with The Arbiter. He is repulsed by Arbiter's looks and says he has 'an ugly vagina face'. When Arbiter professed his love for Claire, Chief immediately responded by calling him a 'faggot'. When they got into a fight and Arbiter knocked his arm off, Chief stated that he hated Arbiter.

In 'Femme Fatale ', Chief confronts Kylie on Tempest and at first says that he isn't friends with the Arbiter, but then goes on to say that he is kind of friends with him. When she asks him to betray Arbiter, Chief first of all responds in the negative, saying that he would never do it, but when she offers to send him nude photographs of her to him, he changes his mind immediately. In 'Severance ', Chief puts headphones around Arbiter and plays 'Nyan Cat' at full volume down them; he then betrays Arbiter in a game on Boneyard; in the hopes that he will obtain the nude photographs off Kylie. Arbiter reveals he turned the hacks off and the two get into a brief fight. He returns however and helps Arbiter defeat Kylie and Clyde.


Chief hugging Arbiter when he realises he is upset.

In 'The Reunion', Chief tells Arbiter that he has always believed in him and that he believes he can defeat Clyde and save the network from becoming unplugged. He also leaves when he sees Claire, possibly to give Arbiter some private time with her, even though he says that he thought he was going to be sick. He finds Arbiter in the bathtub, which at first he mocks him for (seeing as Arbiter had spent most of the season drinking alcohol in feeling depressed,) but upon seeing Arbiter crying for the first time, he comforts him with a hug and allows him to play Skyward Sword for an extra five minutes. At the end of the season, he and Arbiter are seen with their arms around each other.

In 'Massive Damage',
Arbiter Chief

Chief coming to terms with the fact nobody likes him, and Arbiter telling him that he does.

Chief finally comes face to face with the fact that nobody likes him. Sitting in the bathtub drinking with his Barbie Doll, he asks Arbiter to join in. Arbiter hesitates at first but does join Chief in the tub. Chief states how chicks don't like him, nobody online likes him, Greg and Cortana don't like him, and even Arbiter doesn't like him. Arbiter comforts Chief by telling him that he likes him, which makes Chief smile.

In 'Ignition', Chief is prepared to burn down Jon's apartment using a match, incinerating both Arbiter and himself. Natural gas is coming out of the oven. Arbiter objects at first, but minutes later agrees on the idea after Chief quotes him in saying he wanted to go down in a "blaze of glory". During their last moments, Chief admits that he always has thought Arbiter was really cool, showing that he truly does like Arbiter. Finally, after asking Arbiter to wait for him at the front entrance of the afterlife, which Arbiter agrees to do, Chief lights the the match, causing the building to catch on fire, and killing Arbiter and Chief.

In 'Zeroes', the Chief again demonstrates that even though he hurls insults at him (among other things) he does care for Arbiter. Arbiter's depression over their resurrection and lack of purpose in their lives comes to a head and he snaps at Chief for not trying to find purpose in their restored life. Chief later finds Arbiter sulking in the shower and tells him that he's just happy to be alive again and that there were others that wonder what purpose their lives have, just like Arbiter. Chief tells him these people find meaning in their lives by creating things and watching others react to them and suggests that maybe Arbiter could do this too. These words bring Arbiter out of his depression


Greg chief

Chief and Greg talking alone about Cortana's death.

"U go away u ugly fuck / literily nobody on the fucking planet liekes u"
— Master Chief to Greg

Chief is very hostile towards Greg , outright stating that he hates him and constantly calling him ugly. He is arachnophobic and is often terrified of him. He attempts to kill Greg in 'Cheaters ', which results in Greg leaving for a short time. He isn't very pleased to see him upon his return in 'The Reunion'.

After Chief accidentally killed Cortana in 'Heat', Chief had a one to one conversation with Greg. Greg revealed that he saw what Chief had done and headed to the door to tell Arbiter. Chief told Greg that it would only make living in the apartment worse than it already is, which surprisingly caused Greg to agree and lie to Arbiter to cover up Cortana's disappearance. When Chief thanked Greg, he simply responded with 'Damn you', showing just how much he despises Chief.


— Master Chief to Cortana
Chief acts in a sexist way towards Cortana , and she responds to this via violence or by calling him a 'sexist pig'. He was attracted to her upon her arrival, and jealous when she became romantically involved with Todd. She hates him however; and is glad to be away from him at the end of 'King '. She returns in 'The Reunion', which Chief isn't pleased about. He shouts 'NOOOOOOO' when she steps out of the box.
Chief cortana

Chief getting Cortana to apologise.

The two are immediately hostile towards each other, with Chief calling her a skank and her attempting to get him off the Xbox.

In 'Heat' Chief accidentally killed Cortana in the oven which he thought was still unplugged by burning her to death. He wanted her to apologise for the insults she said to him and planned on frightening her by pressing the oven switches, however he did not realise somebody had plugged the oven back in. Cortana's last words to Chief were "Damn you Chief. Damn you to hell.".


Chief hates Todd due to the fact that Cortana is in love with him. The two rarely talk, but in Arby 'n' The Chief: The Movie, when they do, Chief is very rude to him. Todd doesn't like Chief either, believing that he would go to hell if he died. In Conflict - Part 1, Chief tries to kill Todd.


Chief gets along with Travis at first, but after Travis makes Chief humiliate himself in front of Cortana, he hates him and tries to kill him along with Todd.


"prick tease arbiturs had a crush on since fucking forever ago / friend zoned the shit out of the poor fuck, and hes t00 pu$$y to except the fax and moved on"
— Master Chief describing Claire to Eugene Black

Chief sometimes refers to Claire as a "bitch" and during 'Drunken Halo ' tries to make advances on her and tries to add her to his friends list; however this is only because she is a girl. She appears to dislike him and doesn't regard him as a friend. However, during 'Remission ', Chief is quite saddened when she is fragged; hanging his head down after saying "surprised face :O". He watches Arbiter talk to Claire over Instant Messaging in silence; showing that he respects her to some degree; also in 'The Reunion', he leaves when she arrives, possibly to give Arbiter and Claire some privacy.

Cameron JonesEdit

Chief and Cameron have often engaged in combat; such as in 'Double Trouble ', where he challenges Cameron and Cody to a 2 v 2 match on Swordbase. In 'Da Bomb ', the two insult each other, with Chief doing it subtly by asking him "can we go now Commander?", obviously taking the piss out of him and his power trip. Whilst Cameron is less hostile towards Arbiter, he openly mocks Chief in a condescending way. Chief laughs when Cameron is shot in the head in 'TOSERS '. When they meet again in 'The Reunion', they appear to be on slightly friendlier terms, with Cameron congratulating Chief and Arbiter, with Chief saying back "no thanks to you losers", this doesn't spark an argument however.

Cody HammondEdit

Chief acts in a hostile way towards Cody ; much like he does to Cameron. They first meet in 'Duck Love ', where Cody and Timothy insult Chief on his K/D. They meet again and Cody is challenged by Chief to a 2 v 1 match; where Cody and Cameron beat him. He has a rematch with them again in 'Double Trouble', this time with Arbiter on his side. They almost beat them but they use 'camping' tactics to win. Chief continually argues with Cody and Cameron throughout the series. Chief assassinates Cody in 'Collapse'. Whilst in 'Hard End', Chief and Cody argue whilst in the tank and Cody insults him in 'Dough Eyes '. He returns in 'The Reunion', where he congratulates Chief and Arbiter by saying 'Well done asswipes'.


Chief doesn't like Timothy since, along with Cody, Timothy mocked his skill and K/D. Timothy also made Chief feel very sad during Time Wasters, due to what he said. In the episode Cheaters, when Timothy gets fragged, Chief laughs.


Chief constantly insults Stephen , despite the latter acting friendly and calm during their confrontations. He possibly acts hostile towards him due to constantly being told to stop swearing and being put under his care. In 'The Reunion', Chief tells Arbiter that he was right about Stephen all along, possibly meaning that Chief had a funny feeling about Stephen. He acts normal and doesn't give away their intentions when they find him in Matchmaking.


Chief and Kevin have only spoken to each other on one occasion; this occurred in 'Hard End ', when Chief cut in front of Kevin in the que to be recruited; Kevin complained and Chief responded by saying 'QQ Faggot'. Kevin however saves Chief and Arbiter later on during 'Blackout ', showing that he has forgotten or forgiven the encounter he had with Chief. He praises them in 'The Reunion' for what they did.

Trent DonnovichEdit

Chief doesn't get along with Trent; calling him a 'batwing' and many other insults. When they first meet, Chief tries to be on his 'best behavior', but still makes subtle jabs towards him and his wedding. Trent hates Chief whilst Chief says in 'Cheaters', "hey he's pretty cool actually'. He doesn't kill him in 'Collapse' and allows Arbiter to kill him. He does hate him however, as during 'The Reunion', he wants to go after Trent; despite Arbiter telling him to go kill Justin. He chases him from server to server; where he ends up accidentally crushing Trent with a tank; he gets out and laughs at his dead body.


Chief never insults Leonard directly; possibly due to the power he has over Chief. He often goes into little rants and argues with Leonard over something he has done. Leonard doesn't like Chief very much and at first denies him access to TOSERS; but is later swayed into giving him a position there. The two have little interaction and they have only been seen talking to each other when he has done something wrong or if he is being briefed on something.


Chief at first greatly respects and admires Craig for being a Major League Gamer. However, Craig secretly hates Chief for not being MLG. Craig makes fun of Chief which makes him very sad, and makes him hate Craig. Craig feels ashamed when he loses to Chief in their match and Chief believes that Craig isn't fit to be MLG.

Cody (Kid)Edit

He and Chief are friends; with him being on Chief's friends list. Chief seems to like him and compliments his map. However, later in the episode, he abandons Cody, which results in Brent killing Cody. It is unknown whether the two are still friends or not.


Chief doesn't really seem to feel anything for Clyde. However, in Remission, Chief thanked Clyde for saying that him and Chief weren't bad players. Clyde believes that Chief is the most retarded player on the Online Multiplayer Network, to the point that he severed his ties with Kylie after she was fragged by Chief in Severance. Chief also thought that Clyde's Gamertag (MILFHUNTER69) was funny and awesome, due to his perverted and sexist personality.


Adam is referred to as 'the human version of Chief' by Arbiter and said that they would get along 'like a house on fire'. They have only spoken to each other on rare occurrences; mostly with Chief insulting Adam's mom and Adam telling Chief to 'fuck off' and calling him a 'retard'. Chief laughs as Adam is taken away to Juvenile Hall and when he learns that Adam has Nintinditis. He teabags Adam when he is killed by Arbiter.


Femme Fatale
" I <3 HER ARBITUR, WE IS GOING 2 GET MARIED AND HAS A MILENS ADN BILIENS OF BEHEBHS, and sumtiems, arbitur.... loev maekes u does stupid things."
— Master Chief to the Arbiter

During 'Hard End', Chief attempts to send Kylie a friend request; because she is a girl. He doesn't act sexist towards her in anyway during the season; which is amazing as Chief usually acts in a very sexist way when around women. He constantly asks Arbiter if they can go and frag her; just because he wants to hit on her. During 'Remission', Chief asks her for her "asl" (Age, Sex and Location), she goes to frag him but is stopped by Clyde. In 'Femme Fatale', Chief and Kylie encounter each other on Tempest, and Chief says that he is in love with her. She tries to manipulate him and get him to betray Arbiter; she promises Chief nude photos of her in return for this. Chief does as he is told and attempts to kill Arbiter; but Arbiter had turned the hacks off to stop this. He has a fight with Arbiter over his feelings for Kylie, and he is beaten up. He runs off but returns to help Arbiter defeat Kylie; claiming that "no bodies will take away my halos arbitur. no bodies."; he hears Kylie insult him; furthering his plans to defeat her. He tricks Kylie with a hologram and assassinates her, much to her shock. Her teabags her violently; calling her a "bitch" and meleeing her dead body repeatedly. As he gets up to leave, he looks back at her dead body; maybe regretting fragging someone that actually took an interest in him (in Chief's mind); showing that he actually did have feelings for her. Kylie doesn't feel the same way about Chief and sees him as sexist and mentally deficient.


Duncan never really spoke to Chief throughout the entire series, but complimented Cody, Cameron, Arbiter and him for their ability to survive as long as they did during TOSERS. Chief doesn't seem to care about Duncan at all, but thinks that his gamertag is funny.


Chief met Emma during a match of Halo: Reach online, and was immediately infatuated by her, and attempted to send her a friend request. While Emma didn't accept due to having a full friends list and not knowing Chief personally, she though Chief seemed like a nice person and invited him to her clan, but she was oblivious to his affection for her. When Chief started behaving in a crude manner as usual in the clan's server, Emma unwillingly kicked him from the server. After obtaining Fragban 2.0 Chief returns to Emma's clan's server and fragged everyone. Emma included.

Eugene BlackEdit

Master Chief met Eugene Black and his girlfriend Michelle with Arbiter, and Eugene and Chief got along immediately, since Eugene found Chief's sense of humour to be hilarious. In return, Chief also took a liking to Eugene and even referred to him (along with Tyler) as "awesome" to Greg and immediately accepted his clan invite.

Tyler KingEdit

Chief and Tyler first met in "Two Point Zero". They both immediately got along due to their similar personalities. Tyler feels that Chief is hilarious due to his "Leetspeak", synthetic voice and mother jokes.


Chief liked Colin at first and praised him for his ingenious fragban 2.0 system, despite Colin clearly disliking him, thinking that Chief is an annoying idiot. Despite this, Chief continued to try and befriend Colin. When Chief discovered Colin was a pedophile, Chief was utterly disgusted. After some slight pressuring from Cortana's "ghost," he told Arbiter and made attempts (and was successful) to collect evidence and get him incarcerated.


Jon doesn't know that Master Chief is alive. Whenever Jon is out, Chief and Arbiter come out of hiding and play on the Xbox and move around the apartment. Chief constantly steals Jon's credit cards and wallet; such as in 'Cold', where he doesn't realize that Cold Storage was for free. Whenever he is mentioned, Chief makes fun of him, calling him 'fat' and 'lonely'; this can be seen in some of the Hypermail episodes and in 'Severance'. Despite having no respect for Jon, Chief frequently touts his status of being the first of the toys in Jon's possession. Whenever possible Chief does his best to secretly offend, humiliate, injure, or otherwise inconvenience Jon just for laughs.