Master Chief Sucks at Halo 2
Master Chief sucks at halo 2
Air date August 18, 2007[1]
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Master Chief Sucks at Halo
Master Chief Sucks at Halo 3

Master Chief Sucks at Halo 2 is the second episode of the Master Chief Sucks at Halo trilogy.

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Chief is watching the Halo 3 trailer when the video changes and Chief assumes that Arbiter taped over the video. He goes on the computer, and sees that Arbiter signed onto MSN. He calls him out for taping over his movies, and Arbiter tells Chief why he did it. Chief calls him a fag. After that, Chief decides he wants to play Halo 3 Beta and asks Arbiter if he wants to play. Arbiter agrees to so they both go on Xbox Live. However, Chief finds that the beta can't run, so he goes on GameFAQS and asks why it won't work. Somebody tells him that it was only for 2 weeks. Chief decides to kill himself. He writes a suicide note, and prepares to drown himself in the toilet. However, he is unable to drown because of his helmet. He also finds he can't get out, but eventually he manages to. He then wonders what to do now that he can't play Halo 3 Beta. He notices Jon's copy of Halo 2. He starts playing on Xbox Live, being as terrible as he was at the beta. Eventually, he gets booted from a game because he betrayed someone to get the energy sword. Still missing Halo 3 Beta, Chief goes on to check if anything new has happened, where he finds out that the full game is coming very soon.

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Master Chief Sucks at Halo 2-1

Master Chief Sucks at Halo 2-1

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