Michelle Harris
Voice Actor Jennifer Espino ("Ashes")

Elizabeth Carr-Ernst ("Two Point Zero" and onwards)

Gender Female
Affiliations Herself
First Appearance Ashes
Last Appearance Flatline
Status: Alive
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Unknown

Michelle Harris was the girlfriend of Eugene Black.

Season 7Edit

She joined Eugene during a game of Halo: Reach multiplayer. Master Chief and Arbiter also joined, and she introduced herself to them. She attempted to converse with Chief, but found his behavior appalling. She got along well with Arbiter as the two had a similar taste in video games. She also had a short argument with Eugene about his use of obscene language after being killed during the game, which caused her to leave the game. Eugene showed remorse for what he said to her after she left while apologizing to Arbiter afterwards.

Michelle, unsure about what action to take, turned to Arbiter, and asked what his impression of Eugene was. After hearing what he had to say, she returned to Eugene, and told him that she was originally considering ending their relationship, due to its recent instability, but decided not to after speaking with Arbiter.

Afterwards, Michelle was accepted to take part in a Halo tournament, with a prize of one million dollars, which lasted for several weeks. Against her expectations, she advanced to the finals, after which she decided to share this news. When she met Arbiter and Chief again, they informed her of Eugene's actions over the past weeks.

Later, Michelle confronted Eugene about his actions, and broke up with him. Eugene told Michelle about the fate of his sister. She offered her condolences, but still decided to leave. She was fragged by Eugene on her way out of the server.


  • Michelle's surname is the same as the doctor who treats her boyfriend's sister, hinting at a possible relation between the two.
  • Michelle apparently likes older video games that were on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and mostly favors role-playing games.
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