Nathan (bad games)
Nathan during Trent's stag.
Voice Actor Daniel Laszlo
Gender Male
Affiliations Bad Programming
First Appearance Stag Night
Last Appearance Stag Night
Status: Alive
Online Status Intact
Gamertag Unknown

Nathan was a character in Season 5.

He is an executive of Bad Programming, a media broadcasting company affiliated with Bad Games. Nathan and his partner saw Arbiter and Chief's show Hypernews, and became interested in it. Along with Trent Donnovich, they were interested in purchasing Hypernews. During Trent's stag, they discussed it with Arbiter. However, Arbiter was hesitant as they wanted to remove the basic humour of the show and tone it down for audiences. Not long after the conversation, any possibility of the deal taking place vanished when Arbiter found out that Trent was cheating on Claire.