New Year's Special 2011
New Yr's
Air date December 31st, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Christmas Special 2011


The Arbiter is rudely awakened in the middle of the night on Christmas eve by the sounds of Halo gameplay and Master Chief's cussing.


The special begins with Chief playing his new game Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary rather loudly. Arbiter comes in and asks him to quiet down and stop playing so late. They then agrue shortly about Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary because Chief thinks Bungie made the game to which Arbiter tells him who actually made it, 343 Industries. The argument ends and Arbiter goes to bed. Chief then plays until New Year's Day, much to Arbiter's dismay. Arbiter wakes up and finds the tacs in the stocking and Chief still awake. They have a little banter back in forth with jokes and conclude with Chief walking off believing he has won the argument with the lines "PRAISE MS".

The episode ends with the message "happy new year! from jon, arbiter, and master chief".

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Episode How-To'sEdit

  • HOW TO play Halo: Combat Revolved University Edition
  • HOW TO search for and tear open your gifts before Christmas morning
  • HOW TO spell Bungie
  • HOW TO play for just five more minutes
  • HOW TO get deep vein thrombosis


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  • At the beginning of the episode, Jon's clock reads "3:43 AM", a reference to 343 Industries.

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New Year's Special 2011

New Year's Special 2011