No Purpose
Season 8, Episode 9 (98)
Air date May 21, 2017
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"No Purpose" is the ninth episode of the eighth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.


Having finally come back to life, Arbiter continues to remain silent, stationary, and in disbelief after waking up from his dream. Master Chief on the other hand is glad to see his friend again, asking for a hug. Suddenly, Arbiter snaps and attacks Chief, enraged at Chief once more over his actions back in Season 7, particularly the death of Cortana, the removal of Greg, and for killing them both in a Gas Explosion. Chief again attempts to defend his "innocence" by once again blaming Arbiter for plugging in the oven when he initially unplugged it in order to prank her, and that the both of them should just move on. Arbiter however refuses to take the blame for Chief's actions and he chases after him in an attempt to kill Chief once more. Arbiter eventually catches him and wrestles with Chief until the both of them crash into a shelf and knock it over. Escaping Arbiter once more, Chief arms himself with a Hammer and attempts to smash Arbiter with it, only for Arbiter to knock Chief's visor off by slamming a drawer into his face.

With Chief dazed, Arbiter seizes him and prepares to rip him to pieces once more. Before he can do so though, Chief points out that when he destroyed Jon's previous apartment, Arbiter had a perfect opportunity to stop him from igniting the explosion when the match was right next to him (when Arbiter was notifying Jon's Landlord.) Thus, Chief gives Arbiter a dosage of truth by proving to him that Arbiter's not (necessarily) mad at Chief for killing them both, he's mad that he's alive again when he doesn't want to be. Shocked that Chief is right, Arbiter releases him and throws a tantrum, confused and angry that he and Chief are stuck as toys once more. Trying to regain his composure, Arbiter checks Jon's computer and notices that it is now 2017 and that 4 years have passed since he and Chief died. Still trying to regain himself, Arbiter notices a book that Jon bought: 2001: A Space Odyssey, realizing that the events he experienced involving PAL, Cortana, Zanthar, the Allens, and Eugene were all a dream in the same manner as the events in the book.

Managing to regain himself enough to come back to his senses (partially after Chief continues to mock him for reading books, and for his dream revelation,) Arbiter goes to get a drink, only to realize that all the alcohol in the house is gone, and instead goes to smoke some cigarettes. Chief attempts to console the still-reeling Arbiter, but his mind quickly changes when the Xbox 360 finally finishes its security updates. Chief however quickly gets upset after learning that the game that was being updated was for Gears of War, which only worsens when the Halo: Reach box is empty too, causing Chief to run off screaming in horror and frustration. As Chief throws a tantrum, Arbiter approaches the box to the game and stares into its case as it literally turns into a deep, black void.



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"No Purpose"

"No Purpose"