The Online Multiplayer Network, or simply the OMN is the network for video games on the Xbox 360. The admin of the OMN is Allen Radcliffe.

Season 6Edit

In Season 6, an organization named TOSERS is created to enforce the OMN, due to the common violation of the Xbox Live Terms of Service. However, TOSERS is quickly disbanded due to attacks from a hacker clan called Chaos Theosis, which then becomes a threat to the OMN itself.

The OMN was to be shut down due to the continued efforts of Chaos Theosis. However, two remaining TOSERS fragged all of the members. Afterwards, the OMN was almost forced down by a Permanent Denial of Service attack at the hands of Trent Donnovich, who was also stopped. The players who had been banned by Chaos Theosis were all unbanned in the aftermath and the OMN remained active.

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