Party Time
Season 8, Episode 3 (92)
PAL-9001 looking up to Cortana
Air date February 20, 2016
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"Party Time" is the third episode of the eighth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Synopsis Edit

The scene opens in black-and-white on-board the ship carrying PAL, Arbiter, and Cortana, as an alarm blares, and the automated sentry guns guarding PAL's core sense an enemy presence and open fire.

Back in color, the Arbiter is still in the cargo bay overlooking the missiles stored there that PAL told him about, so freaked out that he wants to commit suicide, before entering another cargo/hangar bay and looking around to find nothing of interest there.

Meanwhile, Cortana finds her way into the room where "Activate" is still playing, and can't turn down the volume since the button is busted. Frustrated, she hits it, and after several attempts, she manages to silence it, but only for a short time to give her time to think before it resumes.

Elsewhere, PAL is rambling before realizing Arbiter is not following him anymore and goes to get something to eat and listen to "Activate", before running into Cortana. After finding a computer console that works, despite PAL mentioning it was a broken one, Cortana wishes to talk to him, but PAL believes it's in trouble again. However, Cortana just wants to be friends with PAL, especially considering their duties and the mission, but PAL doesn't want to because of Cortana's treatment of him earlier. However, she explains it was because its voice reminded her of someone she can't remember, so she is able to convince PAL to be friends with her. However, when she checks the computer and unlocks the password encrpytion, she comes across PAL's collection of porn and other grusome images that he had stored there, but PAL tries to pin the blame on Arbiter.

Afterwards, Cortana asks about Arbiter, and PAL explains that Arbiter was seeing someone, but then tries to warn her to not enter the core, knowing about the automated sentries there. As she heads to the armory, PAL stays behind to watch its porn. She soon runs into him, and he takes her to the cargo bay to show her the missiles PAL showed him earlier. Knowing how dangerous they are, Cortana decides they need to get the warheads moved elsewhere, but Arbiter argues that leaving them in the cargo bay would be best so if there's a problem, they could flush the cargo bay contents, including the missiles, into space for safety. However, since they need the cargo bay for whatever they get during the mission, Arbiter takes Cortana to the empty cargo bay he entered earlier, perfect for storing whatever they get during the mission, so the warheads can stay in the other one, until a better alternative appears.

It is then Arbiter tells Cortana about how he feels like he's being stalked by someone, even though he's not there, explaining about the incident on the firing range and describing his appearance to Cortana. Arbiter is worried about why he's seeing him and hoping to get an answer, but is scared by if he gets a result. When asked about any visions he's been having, Arbiter sees flashes of a burning building. This causes Cortana to briefly glimpse something that causes her to recoil in shock. Arbiter makes sure she's okay, and the two discuss wanting to remember everything, especially Arbiter. Afterwards, they head back to the control deck.

On the control deck, PAL is busy playing a game as "Activate" continues to play. It takes a few seconds to realize it has company when "Activate" stops, and sees Cortana joined him. As the two argue regarding PAL's desires and Cortana wanting to know more about their mission other than the interview with Josh Butterballs. However, noticing Cortana looking out the windows, PAL becomes sympathetic and tells her that they can try to contact Jon again once they get another signal, before Cortana heads up to check the computer again, despite PAL's protests. When PAL joins her, he stares at her backside before noticing Arbiter having joined them now.

Speaking to PAL alone, Arbiter thinks PAL was looking at Cortana's butt while PAL says he was doing a nature documentary regarding a spider. The mention of the word "spider" causes Arbiter to have another glimpse of something, before asking PAL to show Cortana more respect. Afterwards, remembering the dance hall, Arbiter asks PAL if they could throw a party in there or something. PAL agrees, but doesn't want Cortana there with them, until Arbiter asks it to join them in respect to the mission. PAL agress, but wants to be the D.J. Arbiter accepts, but asks him to keep it decent. PAL has no intention of keeping it decent as it bangs the wall as it goes after Arbiter.

In the dance hall, PAL has "Activate" playing again, and both Arbiter and Cortana are there, before PAL arrives, demanding to know who busted the jukebox. Arbiter says it was him, but Cortana confesses to being the one who damaged it, mostly out of being driven crazy by it. After that, PAL asks if either of them are drunk from the beer yet, but only Arbiter is. When Cortana asks about changing the tune from "Activate", she's forced to leave the party and Arbiter goes after her to talk things over while PAL has a good laugh to itself.

Cortana is out on the viewing deck, gazing up at the stars and sun, when Arbiter finds her and joins her. Cortana doesn't mind the company, and the two discuss things with PAL. Cortana blames him for the party, but Arbiter takes her mind off it as they gaze up at the stars and wonder what they will find at the end of the ship's journey. Cortana is worried about being unable to do her job as mission commander, but Arbiter has faith in her. Cortana then asks about his hallucinations, but Arbiter has not had anymore as of late, before suggesting she explores more of the ship to be alone and think things over. Before leaving, she tells Arbiter she likes him as well.

Arbiter heads back to the dance hall, and overhears PAL grumbling to itself about being unable to help them remember as it's doing the best it can. Hearing that, Arbiter comes over to speak to him, and after a bit, suggests they play video games together. However, when Arbiter tells PAL that Cortana is checking out the rest of the ship, PAL reminds him to remember not to go near his core because of the automated sentry guns there as if he doesn't deactivate them first, they'll tear anyone who enters their line-of-sight to ribbons. Realizing Cortana's in danger if she goes near PAL's core, Arbiter hurries to protect her.

PAL returns to the control deck to prepare things for playing video games with Arbiter, only to find he did not follow it there, much to PAL's annoyance and frustration. PAL then believes it should be in charge since it's a machine and is so smart and perfect, more than humans anyway. However, returning to the consoles, it finds something that troubles it: Someone is heading to PAL's core and tripped the security alarm, meaning the automated sentries are about to open fire on whoever is approaching PAL's core.

Near the core, as the klaxon blares, it is revealed to be Cortana, who is oblivious to why the alarm is blaring as she makes her way closer to it, only to find out too late where she is as she walks right into the sights of the automated sentries, which lock-on and prepare to fire. Arbiter arrives just in time and deploys a Bubble Shield to protect them as the sentries open up, but thanks to the Bubble Shield, the gunfire is deflected long enough for Arbiter to get Cortana to safety before the Bubble Shield fails and the guns continue to fire until they overheat and shut down. However, the klaxon continues to blare, and uncertain of why, Cortana suggests they head back to the control deck, hoping that the alarm is not due to the missiles in the cargo bay.

Arbiter hesitates, and when Cortana turns to see if he's okay, Arbiter turns around to find Eugene standing there telling him "Dodged a bullet there" before seeing nothing but Cortana again. Cortana tells Arbiter thanks for saving her life, and heads back to the control deck, but Arbiter remains behind, paralyzed by what he just saw.

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