Season 8, Episode 5 (94)
Arbiter locked out
Air date June 22, 2016
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"Reentry" is the fifth episode of the eighth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

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As Arbiter and Cortana make their way through the cryo bay, Arbiter feels like the ship is moving again. Cortana assures him it's fine before reminding him about shutting down PAL before he endangers anyone else. Arbiter believes it's become more human-like, but Cortana refuses to believe it. Arbiter leaves her to think things over.

Meanwhile, in the armory, PAL is going ballistic over what it heard about Cortana wanting to shut it down because it has become too dangerous. Noticing the Armor Lock pickup, PAL floats off with it. Reaching the shuttle launch bay, PAL tosses it aside as it vents at what it heard over Cortana and Arbiter wanting to shut it down because it has become too dangerous. Taking the Armor Lock again, PAL places it down in front of the automated sentries guarding its core as he continues its rant, before taking the Armor Lock again as it plans to ensure that doesn't happen.

Back at the airlock, Cortana prepares to head out to put the satellite box back, but wonders where PAL is. Getting an automated message from him, Cortana is growing frustrated with PAL's behavior, but after some talking with Arbiter, puts it out of her mind as she prepares to put the satellite box back. Arbiter is worried about working without PAL, but Cortana is more concerned about the other crew members. Arbiter then brings up their voices, but as Cortana mulls it over, PAL arrives with the Armor Lock. PAL acts all innocent and happy to see them and acts friendly and respectful to Cortana and convinces her to get to work with putting the satellite box back. Arbiter tries to intervene, but PAL sides with Cortana. Despite his hesitation, Arbiter heads to the control deck to monitor them while Cortana and PAL prepare to head out. They try talking to him, but Arbiter is not listening as he departs. Cortana reviews her air supply and is ready to go, but PAL then activates something that it assures is necessary before leaving the airlock. Cortana seems to agree.

On the control deck, Arbiter keeps track of them as they proceed to where the satellite box is supposed to be put back. Cortana tries to talk to PAL and lead her to where the satellite box needs to be returned, but PAL seems hesitant to do so. Arbiter checks out the video game list PAL has on the one console on the control deck, but keeps track of PAL and Cortana before he gets too distracted. They soon reach where the satellite box goes, and after Cortana puts it back and screws it back in, she uses her Plasma Pistol to weld the protective panel back on to protect it from any threats that could damage it. Checking with Arbiter, Arbiter confirms that the satellite uplink is restored. With that, Cortana and PAL head back, but PAL hesitates to gaze out at the planet, drawing Cortana's attention to ask what it's looking at before turning to head back inside. PAL simply says it enjoys the view. Cortana agrees with him, and PAL seems to accept the idea it overheard of having it shut down.

Back on the control deck, Arbiter gets no reply from Cortana and PAL. Concerned, he decides to head down to the airlock to investigate and meet up with them. With still no reply, Arbiter risks heading out onto the exterior of the deck to look for them. Finding PAL, but unable to hear him, Arbiter demands to know where Cortana is. Unsure of what PAL is saying, Arbiter goes looking for Cortana, while PAL heads back into the ship. Not finding Cortana at where the satellite box is, Arbiter keeps looking, then calls PAL, demanding an answer to her whereabouts. Finding another airlock closer to the satellite box, Arbiter calls PAL and demands an explanation, but still gets nothing. With no other option, he tries to enter the armory airlock, but finds he's unable to get in as the field is not allowing him through. He melees it in vain as he demands PAL let him in, but there's still no response.

On the control deck, PAL gazes out the windows as Arbiter's pleas continue to come over the radio. Finally, PAL contacts Arbiter, but tells him he can't let Arbiter back into the ship. Arbiter stares in muted shock and horror, realizing that Cortana was right, and PAL has mutinied against them.

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