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Rock Bottom
Season 5, Episode 4 (42)
Rock Bottom
Air date February 12, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Rock Bottom is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Master Chief has another online encounter with Cody, elite Reach player and future wedding security team member, and Chief challenges he and any teammates of his to a private match. The Arbiter tries to swallow the news that Claire is the bride of the upcoming wedding, as well as plenty of booze.

Plot Edit

Master Chief is playing Halo: Reach online again, trash talking every other player he encounters. He runs into Cody Hammond again, who calls Chief out on continuing to insult people online, telling him that he needs to get a life. Chief challenges Cody to a 1v1 match. Cody accepts. Chief tells Cody to bring his friends so that he can beat them as well, and Cody agrees to bring his partner. They agree to have the match on the map "Countdown" later.

Later on, Arbiter and Chief are discussing their show along with Greg. However, when Chief demands to include "technodicks" in the show, Arbiter quits. 

Afterwards, Arbiter decides to drink while playing on Jon's Sega Genesis. Greg joins him, asking him why he's upset. Arbiter explains that Claire is getting married to Trent. Greg suggests working on the show to take his mind off it, but Arbiter refuses to work with Chief. Chief arrives and tells Arbiter that he needs the TV to play his private match with Cody.

Chief joins the game with Cody and his partner, Cameron. The match begins. Chief loses the match without getting a single kill. Chief is enraged and Arbiter tells him to calm down.

Later, Arbiter goes back to drinking in the tub. Chief joins him, acknowledging (again) his lack of skill at Halo. Arbiter explains to Chief why he is sad. He then suggests trying to make their show again, as they need something to take their sadness off their mind. They then prepare to film the first episode of their show, with Chief as the host.

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Transcript Edit

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Episode How-tos Edit

  • How to be an internet tuff guy
  • How to brainstorm for a news show
  • How to wallow in self-pity
  • How to get decimated
  • How to build a Hylian shield

Trivia Edit

  • Cameron and Cody's armors are swapped around in this episode. The reason for this is unknown.

Watch the episode Edit

"Rock Bottom"

"Rock Bottom"

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