Sarah, after her wedding was crashed
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Female
Affiliations Herself
First Appearance Wedding
Last Appearance Fatal Exception
Status: Unknown
Online Status Unknown
Gamertag HotBitch69

Sarah is an Xbox Live Player that Master Chief and Arbiter met.

She was engaged to Gregory. She met Gregory during Halo 3 matchmaking. Gregory proposed to her by crouching in front of her with an empty energy sword. They were getting married in-game on a map made in Forge Mode.

She and Gregory met Master Chief and Arbiter when a friend introduced them during a game of Grifball. Chief and Arbiter were both invited to the wedding, but Chief ended up crashing it for fun. As Arbiter and Chief left, Sarah cried because Chief had ruined her wedding.


  • Her gamertag, HotBitch69, is not possible on Xbox Live because it contains a curse word.