Scott, as seen in Arby 'n' the Chief
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
First Appearance Endgame
Last Appearance Endgame
Status: Deceased
Online Status Inactive
Gamertag Unknown
"I AM the Devil."
— Scott, to an MLG player who questioned his hacking abilities in Halo 3.

Scott Loveheart is the main antagonist of Endgame.


Scott Loveheart is a wanted criminal for smuggling drugs across Canada and Russia for 16 years and for hacking in Halo 3 multiplayer. In Endgame, he escapes from Agent Smirnoff after a short chase through some woods. It is revealed one month later that he has become Jon's roommate since Jon is falling behind in rent payments. However, he uses Jon's credit card to buy things such as drugs and hookers. He
Scott ingame

Scott's in game apperance.

also is hacking in Halo 3 and ruining online play for millions of people.


Scott is rude and behaves similar to Chief. He spends all his time masturbating, smoking cigarettes and cheating on Halo 3. He is also always high from constantly snorting or consuming near-lethal amounts of cocaine. Arbiter and Chief openly reveal themselves as living in front of Scott despite him being an outsider, as Scott believes the toys are merely a hallucination of his drug abuse.


At the end of Endgame, Master Chief and Arbiter contact the police who send Russian agent, Boris Smirnoff to Jon's house. Boris Smirnoff shoots him multiple times and dies after consuming one last bag of cocaine. Smirnoff then leaves without taking his body.


  • He shares the same surname as Skyler Loveheart, though it is unknown if there is a connection.