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The first season of Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes aired alongside the first half of season 7 of the main series. The season is set in a parallel universe, separate from the main Arby 'n' the Chief canon.


Episodes Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Well Hung Episode Photo "Well Hung" March 31, 2012 B-01 1
Master Chief makes a nuse out of Greg's webbing for Jon to hang himself.
Cookie "Day One Cookies" April 15, 2012 B-02 2
Master Chief bakes and sells some cookies to Arbiter.
Memeland "Memeland" April 21, 2012 B-03 3
Master Chief makes and sells emoticon-based masks to Arbiter
Doggy Style "Doggy Style" May 5, 2012 B-04 4
Arbiter and Master Chief talk about the controversial ending to Mass Effect 3.
Hairy ticks "Steaks, Taters and Hairy Ticks" May 12, 2012 B-05 5
Master Chief tries to kill Arbiter for playing The Lion King on the Sega Genesis, instead of Halo: Reach.
Blockheads "Blockheads" May 19, 2012 B-06 6
Master Chief is introduced to Minecraft.
Bytes 7 "In the Pudding" June 2, 2012 B-07 7
Master Chief is still in shock after seeing Minecraft while Arbiter plays Jon's new PSP Go.
NumberOneFan "Number One Fan" June 10, 2012 B-08 8
After E3 2012 announced Halo 4's progress, Master Chief eagerly awaits its supposedly imminent release.
Divided We Stand "Divided We Stand" June 23, 2012 B-09 9
Master Chief tries to freeze himself in order to pass the time after finding out that Halo: Reach's server is down for maintenance.
Arbiter with many cups of semen "Sold Out" June 30, 2012 B-10 10
Arbiter and Chief are stuck with writer's block on how to improve Bytes's ratings.
Premium Club "Premium Club" July 14, 2012 B-11 11
Master Chief announces his latest exciting business venture to the show's audience.
Chief in training "Armor Deep" July 21, 2012 B-12 12
Master Chief reveals that he feels as though he's overweight and Arbiter offers to help him adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Ocarina "Growing Pains" August 4, 2012 B-13 13
The Arbiter wakes up bright and early on the day he has dedicated to his annual playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, until Master Chief arrives to spoil his day.
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