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The second season of Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes is a mini-series airing alongside the second half of the the seventh season of the main series. Similar to the previous season, Bytes: Season 2 is set in a parallel universe, separate from the main Arby 'n' the Chief storyline. The season originally had thirteen episodes planned, but the remaining six were cancelled as part of Machinima's new programming plan.



Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
The Great Evil "The Great Evil" August 18, 2012 B-14 1
Master Chief is convinced that he is the son of the "gods of gaming", placed on Earth to spread their holy word and cleanse the industry of the "cancer" posed by casual gamers, starting with the Arbiter.
Suspense "Suspense!" August 25, 2012 B-15 2
Brace yourself for another action-packed episode of the Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes mini-series, now with an epic replay of past events and a glimpse of events to come, just like your favorte televised drama series'!
Master Chief and Arbiter as Pirates "A Pirate's Life" September 1, 2012 B-16 3
Master Chief and the Arbiter discuss the benefits and problems surrounding online piracy.
Horsin around "Horsin' Around" September 8, 2012 B-17 4
Arbiter's curiosity gets the better of him and learns of one of Chief's terrifying secret.
Gorilla Munch = Happy Day "Rustled" September 22, 2012 B-18 5
The Arbiter and Master Chief both find themselves down in the dumps one night, seemingly with no means of improving their mood.
True fan "A True Fan" October 6, 2012 B-19 6
The Arbiter wakes up one morning to find Master Chief locked inside of the microwave.
Master Chief praises Halo 4 "One Love" December 23, 2012 B-20 7
Master Chief sits down to a quiet and elegant dinner date, which is turned upside down when Arbiter reveals a certain something that Jon has recently brought home.
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