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Season 3
Season 3
Genre Comedy
Format Live action puppeteering / machinima
Created by Jon Graham
Starring Microsoft Sam
Microsoft Mike
Jon Graham
Microsoft Mary
Opening theme "Greatest Journey", Martin O'Donnell, Halo 3 OST
Country of origin Canada
Language English
No. of episodes 13
Running time 5 - 18 minutes

The third season of Arby 'n' the Chief premiered on August 3rd, 2008 with the release of "Cold". It is the first season to count thirteen episodes, and the first sequence of episodes to be considered a season right from the start; previous episodes have been split into two seasons retroactively.

For the most part, this season discards plot lines introduced in previous episodes, and focuses more on interactions between the main characters and the online gaming community, which is portrayed as conflicted ("King"), overzealous ("Panic"), elitist ("Professional") or otherwise out of touch with reality ("Wedding"). While the show stays within a comedy genre, dramatic elements appear more prominently within this season. It also includes several mini story arcs consisting of several episodes apiece, expanding on the concept's introduction in the previous season.

The soundtrack no longer borrows from other films or songs by popular rock or pop artists; it mostly consists of Halo 3 soundtrack and stock music.

Overview Edit

Season 3 takes place shortly after Season 2. Chief, Arbiter and Cortana are now living at Jon's apartment with the mystery of Todd and Travis' disappearance unresolved. Cortana also disappears early in the season, but this goes unnoticed as Master Chief and Arbiter settle back in to "normal" life.

Cast Edit

Episodes Edit

Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Cold "Cold" August 3, 2008 3-01 13
Chief attempts to buy Cold Storage with Jon's money, unaware that it's free.
Wedding "Wedding" August 23, 2008 3-02 14
Arbiter and Chief are invited to attend an in-game wedding on Halo 3.
Professional "Professional" October 20, 2008 3-03 15
Chief introduces Arbiter to his friend, Craig, who claims to be an MLG.
Face Off "Face Off" November 22, 2008 3-04 16
After Chief's feelings are hurt by Craig, Arbiter confronts him only to wind up having Chief face him in a rematch.
Showdown "Showdown" December 20, 2008 3-05 17
Chief and Craig face off, unaware that that Arbiter is playing in Chief's place.
Glitch - Why "Glitch" January 17, 2009 3-06 18
A glitch on Halo 3 causing armor pieces to disappear causes players across Xbox-Live to riot.
Panic "Panic" February 7, 2009 3-07 19
The glitched players continue to riot while Arbiter and Chief try to stay safe.
Cheater "Cheater" March 7, 2009 3-08 20
Fed up with constantly sucking at Halo 3, Chief decides to take drastic measures in improving his abilties.
Company part 1 "Company - Part 1" April 4, 2009 3-09 21
Chief decides to run his own machinima group, but his ego may get the better of him.
Arby chief party "Party" April 17, 2009 3-10 22
Arbiter is hungover from a party last night and tries to remember what happened.
Company 2 "Company - Part 2" May 2, 2009 3-11 23
Chief continues trying to run his machinima group, but his actions are annoying the Arbiter greatly.
Evil "Evil" May 15, 2009 3-12 24
Arbiter runs into a group online that is protesting Resident Evil 5 for supposedly promoting racism, which makes him feel conflicted.
Arby chief king "King" May 30, 2009 3-13 25
Arbiter, Chief, and several players are trapped in a glitched match online. Each one having an opposing view on Machinima.
Season 3

Specials Edit

  1. Endgame


  • Season three was originally going to have a plot like season two, as Jon said in his director's commentary of King. The plot would have elaborated on the mysterious disappearance of Todd and Travis. However, it was abandoned a third of the way into the series and the disappearances were explained in the finale.


The third season was highly acclaimed for its humor, writing, and return to the satirical format of the first season. However, some criticism was directed at the abandonment of previous plot points and their anti-climactic resolution. The latter would eventually become an in-joke for the season as well as the series in general.