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The third season of Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes airs alongside the eighth season of the main series. The first episode was originally released as the premiere of a new spin-off called Arby 'n' the Chief - Stuffs, but 9 days after its release it was retroactively included in the third season of Bytes.[1] Stuffs has been said to branch off from an event later in season 8.[2]

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Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Stuffs S01E01 "Stars Force: The Darkness Awakened Review" January 13th, 2016 B-21 1
Master Chief's review of Stars Force: The Darkness Awakened directed by Jar Jar Abrahams.
Jams Bonk gun barrel shot "Jams Bonk (part 1)" January 30th, 2016 B-22 2
With the help of Arbiter as his first assistant director, cameraman and essentially every other role besides director, Chief writes, directs and stars in his own spy movie as secret agent "Jams Bonk".
The Man with the Golden Eyes "Jams Bonk (part 2)" May 29th, 2016 B-23 3
Arbiter acts as first assistant director and camera operator among every other necessary production role to Master Chief, who's directing and starring in his own James Bond spin-off film.
The Bonk girl "Jams Bonk (part 3)" October 2nd, 2016 B-24 4
Part three of the Jams Bonk story in which Arbiter helps Chief film a James Bond parody film starring Chief himself.
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