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Season 4
Season 4
Genre Sitcom


Format Live action puppeteering / machinima
Created by Jon Graham
Starring Microsoft Sam
Microsoft Mike
Jon Graham
Opening theme "Greatest Journey", Martin O'Donnell, Halo 3 OST
"Reaching for the Cookie Jar" (8-bit), Jon Graham
Country of origin Canada
Language English
No. of episodes 13
Running time 4 - 13 minutes

The fourth season of Arby 'n' the Chief was first publicly announced on June 2nd, 2010, after Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A. ended, and premiered on June 26th with the release of "Out of Reach". The season discards all of the LA, and most Endgame continuity.

This season is noted for including some of the earliest tracks made by Jon Graham, most notably "Reaching for the Cookie Jar", which later morphed into the main theme of the next season. Malapropisms started appearing more frequently in Master Chief's speech. It was the first season to feature the main characters answering fan mail, something which later turned into the Hypermail segment of Hypernews, and later its own spin-off series. It is also notable for introducing Greg.


After the results of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A. were revealed to be terrible, Jon revealed on his blog that he would produce a fourth season of Arby 'n' the Chief. Unlike Arby 'n' The Chief in LA, Season 4 takes place after the events of “King” but before those of Endgame; and Jon created these episodes entirely on his own much like the previous seasons, with providing him with funding and hits. Jon has described the new season as having, “No melodrama, no crazy plots, no new characters, just classic Arby 'n' the Chief, back-and-forth banter and wacky around-the-house antics.” This season begins on the night before the release of the Halo: Reach Beta, with both Chief and Arbiter highly anticipating it. Later in the season, the full Halo: Reach is released.

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Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Out of Reach "Out of Reach" June 26, 2010 4-01 26
Master Chief and the Arbiter wait for the imminent release of the Halo: Reach beta. While the Arbiter is excited but perfectly willing to wait, Master Chief is not, and will take drastic measures to play it early.
It's a Beta "It's a Beta" July 10, 2010 4-02 27
The Arbiter arranges to provide technical feedback for the Halo: Reach beta on the Bungie forums and discuss it among peers-- that is, if he can pry Master Chief from playing the beta.
Pirates "Pirates" July 24, 2010 4-03 28
The Arbiter returns home from a terrible day at university to find Master Chief pretending to be a pirate.
Aces and Spaces "Aces and Spaces" August 7, 2010 4-04 29
Master Chief makes fun of the Arbiter while he attempts to better his drawing skills and challenges him to a rude competition.
Giveth & Taketh "Giveth and Taketh" August 21, 2010 4-05 30
Master Chief grows bored with Halo 3 and decides to play the Reach beta to kill time until its September retail release, and is choked when the Arbiter tells him the beta is now unavailable.
PS3 "God's Work" September 4, 2010 4-06 31
The Arbiter attempts to play Demons' Souls on PS3 without Master Chief realizing and freaking out, as his allegiance lies absolutely with Microsoft and their products.
B& "B& (Part 1)" September 18, 2010 4-07 32
Halo: Reach has finally hit store shelves, but Jon's copy has been lost during his move to a new apartment. While the Arbiter searches for it, Master Chief plays Modern Warfare 2 and encounters a JTAG-ging hacker.
B& 2 "B& (Part 2)" October 2, 2010 4-08 33
Stopped by a console ban from Xbox Live, the aftermath of Master Chief's brief JTAG-ing romp on Modern Warfare 2 ensues as the Arbiter returns having finally found Halo: Reach.
Digital fruitcakes "Digital Fruitcakes" October 16, 2010 4-09 34
Master Chief challenges the Arbiter to a competitive match in Halo: Reach, Chief teamed up alongside his team of "noobs", who all exploit anything they can to win.
Arbiter vs Brent "Night of the Evading Dead" October 30th, 2010 4-10 35
It's Halloween, and after a late night of playing the Living Dead playlist, Arbiter tries to get some shuteye. However, Master Chief insists he get up early to play Infection custom games with him to celebrate the holiday.
Mail Room "The Mail Room" November 13, 2010 4-11 36
Master Chief and the Arbiter answer a handful of e-mails from fans.
Mail Room II "The Mail Room II" November 27, 2010 4-12 37
The Arbiter and Master Chief answer another batch of fan-mail.
Ssds "The Spider" December 11, 2010 4-13 38
A typical uneventful day for Master Chief and the Arbiter, a chronic arachnophobe, is turned upside down when a large tarantula finds its way into Jon's apartment.
Season 4

Specials Edit

  1. Christmas 2010 Special


Season four received universally positive feedback and is held in high regard by fans. Much of the praise focused on the series' return to its roots by having a non-serial format and featuring one shots. Almost every episode was acclaimed with the exception of "Pirates", due to its absurd plot device of Arbiter's university attendance.

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Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 Trailer