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This is the transcript for the Season 6 episode, Severance.

Scene 1: BoardwalkEdit

On the map Boardwalk, a few spartans are seen playing a match. Two of them, a green and a yellow/orange spartan are running when the yellow/orange one stops and sees a pink and green one not doing anything.

  • Player #1: You playing or what?
  • Justin: Yeah, I just gotta send off this message. Give me a second.
  • Player #1: Time's up.
  • Justin:: 10 seconds.

The yellow/orange spartan rolls his head and resumes playing, while Justin dials.

  • Justin:: Hey, this is SniperDeathangel00. Just letting you know that the product you've requested is ready. Lemme know when you want to get together and negotiate an exchange. Thanks.

Justin hangs up just as another Spartan player (in grey) walks out to confront him.

  • Player #2:: What are you doing? You should be playing as if every game was your last man. They'll be pulling the plug on this any day now.
  • Justin:: Yeah, good point.

Justin and the player run off together.

  • Player #2: How lame is that? Seriously, pisses me off so bad.
  • Justin:: It's pretty lame alright.

Scene 2: SpireEdit

On the top of Spire's tower, three Spartans are seen together, Kylie and two players.

  • Bodyguard #1:: Oh man, [laughs] I got so shit-faced last night. I was seriously fucking wrecked dude.
  • Bodyguard #2:: Yeah?
  • Bodyguard #1:: Yeah, I drank so much beer, my older brother let me try his, he almost let me finish the whole bottle!
  • Bodyguard #2:: That's hardcore man!
  • Bodyguard #1:: Did you hear that, Kitten? I got really shit-faced last night.
  • Kylie: I heard. I'm very impressed and turned on.
  • Bodyguard #1:: Really?
  • Kylie: No.
  • Bodyguard #1:: You uh, much of a drinker, Kitten?
  • Kylie: Not really. My dad does more than enough drinking for the two of us. When he's not unconscious or breaking shit and screaming at me that is, or giving angry phone calls to my mom.
  • Bodyguard #1:: ...Man, I'm so sorry to hear that Kitten. That really blows.
  • Bodyguard #2:: Yeah, I thought you said you were moving out?
  • Kylie: I plan to once I get enough cash together, which will be very soon providing partially that you two perform as expected.
  • Bodyguard #2: You've seen our K/Ds haven't you?
  • Kylie: I have, which is why I picked the two of you for my friends list. You're the top players.
  • Bodyguard #2:: SWEET!!
  • Bodyguard #1:: Hey just as suggestion, why not send us the hacks you're using, and we can help you ban people even faster.
  • Bodyguard #2:: It would make protecting you a lot easier too.
  • Kylie: Are you telling me that you're not feeling confident in your own abilities?
  • Bodyguard #2: No, not at all. Hacks or no hacks, anyone who steps within a hundred feet of you is gonna get fucked up.
  • Bodyguard #1: It would just make it a hell of a whole lot easier that's all we're saying, anyone we take out wouldn't come back right?
  • Kylie: Sorry, but I can't be handing out my files. Not that I don't trust you boys, but if they somehow got into the wrong hands, this operation could be killed stone-dead. That absolutely cannot happen. You understand that don't you?
  • Bodyguard #2: Say no more Kitten.
  • Bodyguard #1: Yeah we get it, no worries! You can count on me!
  • Bodyguard #2: And me! You have my word that I'll go to the absolute farthest lengths to protect you.
  • Bodyguard #1: Dude, no offense, but I'm gonna be a way more boss bodyguard than you are!
  • Bodyguard #2: Fuck that!
  • Bodyguard #1: You have my word Kylie! The one that actually matters. Anyone who goes near you, and I'll snap their fucking necks!
  • Kylie: Alright don't get carried away. I'm more than capable of handling myself, though as skilled as I may be there's always a small chance of me being taken by surprise. It's your job to eliminate that.
  • Bodyguard #1: We did not mean any disrespect ma'am. Sorry, sorry!
  • Bodyguard #2: None whatsoever! We know you kick ridiculous amounts of ass!
  • Bodyguard #1: Can I just say how much I admire you Kitten? You're such a strong, independent, woman with unrivaled determination!
  • Bodyguard #2: And beautiful too, no doubt!
  • Bodyguard #1: I said beautiful!
  • Bodyguard #2: No you didn't!
  • Bodyguard #1: I meant to say "beautiful."
  • Bodyguard #2: You're a thornless rose, Kitten!
  • Kylie: You guys are cute, but I wouldn't go quite that far...

The opening credits roll just as Kylie says her last lines.

Scene 3: Jon's ApartmentEdit

It is morning at Jon's Apartment and the Arbiter is seen sleeping on Jon's bed. Then, a pair of headphones are seen being slided on top of him. The headphones are being placed there by Master Chief, who quickly tiptoes to Jon's desk and computer. Chief then hops up on the desk adn sets the volume up to "100" on Jon's computer and types in "nyan cat ear rape''" on Google.

  • Master Chief: ROFLMAO

Scene 4: BoneyardEdit

Arbiter and Master Chief are now seen walking side-by-side on the map, Boneyard.

  • Arbiter: I seriously think that gave me brain damage. My ears are still ringing.
  • Chief: LOL, DEAL WITH IT, fuck me all u evir uesed is sprint, im arbitur, i hart sprint, SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT
  • Arbiter: Ladies and gentlemen. The master impersonator at work.
  • Chief: if u <3 sprint so much then y dusnt u just maried it?
  • Arbiter: You've used nothing but Armor Lock since this game came out. What's your point?
  • Chief: armer lock is teh shit son, it is possim graede ossim
  • Arbiter: What about the Jet Pack? The Jet Pack's pretty cool.
  • Master Chief: fuck that
  • Arbiter: Drop Shield? That's kind of like Armor Lock
  • Master Chief: noep
  • Arbiter: Hologram?
  • Master Chief: holograms foar fagets
  • Arbiter: Ah. I didn't realize. Nothing out of the ordinary in this server. You sure Kitten's in here?
  • Master Chief: yep yep yep, they're is know douts abouts it arbitur she is definitily inside of h33r alrite, it sed so. it sed, arbitur.
  • Arbiter: It said did it?
  • Master Chief: yep it said

Arbiter and Master Chief stop outside a wall in the map.

  • Master Chief: i suer canot waitid 2 killed this skank, we haz our hax rite?? our l33t sexxay haxx, they is turned on rite? rite arbitur?
  • Arbiter: Of course.
  • Master Chief: so if we fragged her she is definitily wil b baned?
  • Arbiter: Yes, Chief. 'She is most definitely will be.'

Arbiter turns and faces Master Chief.

  • Arbiter: What time did you go to sleep last night?
  • Master Chief: liek rite aftar u did
  • Arbiter: Good. I was worried you might actually try looking for Kitten yourself.
  • Master Chief: LOL arbitur ur so sily u sily billly, y u so silllly?
  • Arbiter: Thought if you did then she might have managed to take advantage of you and turn you against me or something.
  • Master Chief: arbitur, l@@k3d at meh. u l@@k3d @ mh rite nao mister!1one

Arbiter turns and faces Chief agin.

  • Master Chief: ur a big fat douche w/ an ugly vajina face, but u is my friend k? i w00d nevar fraged u foar hawt bewbie pics k? nevar ever evar plus nevar tiems a milliens. plus infinitiys.
  • Arbiter: 'Hot boobie pics?'
  • Master Chief: or watever. K? k arbitur? k?
  • Arbiter: Okay.
  • Master Chief: k. :)
  • Arbiter: Well, if Kylie did indeed join this server, I don't think she's here anymore. In fact, I don't think there's a single soul in here. You sure you--

Just as Arbiter takes his mind off Chief and turns away to look around, Chief quickly kills Arbiter with a melee kill. Chief then proceeds to teabag Arbiter and spray the entire area with bullets.

  • Arbiter: Don't get over-excited.

Master Chief stops, reloads his gun, turns around and sees Arbiter having respawned.

  • Arbiter: I'm looking at a massive tit right now, and I'm pretty fucking unimpressed.
  • Master Chief: wat teh hell

Scene 5: Jon's ApartmentEdit

Arbiter puts down his controller, gets up and stares down at Chief.

  • Arbiter: Predictable as clockwork. I knew you'd actually try pulling this shit.
  • Master Chief: wat is u tlaking abot arbitur
  • Arbiter: To think how hard I tried convincing myself otherwise...
  • Master Chief: i haz no ideas wat u is talkign abot.
  • Arbiter: I barely slept a wink last night. I overheard your entire exchange with Kitten.
  • Master Chief: o. Y U NO DIE THO? how cum u is not died
  • Arbiter: I turned off our hacks before we started. I wanted to see what you'd do. You are fucking unbelievable, you know that?
  • Master Chief: no u
  • Arbiter: You were actually gonna frag me and consequently ban the two of us. For what? Pictures of tits? Which you could easily search for on the net at any time of the day, not to mention the fact that you already do. How stupid are you?

Master Chief gets up at Arbiter's insults.

  • Master Chief: arbitur u s33m3d 2 b forg0t 1 singel very improtant things abot kittin
  • Arbiter: And what's that?
  • Master Chief: she haz a vajina :3
  • Arbiter: So it's justifiable that every scrap of logic be tossed out the window due to the fact that girls have vaginas.
  • Master Chief: NO SHIT, I LIVE 4 THE PUSSY, ^_^
  • Arbiter: You're such a fucking dolt!
  • Master Chief: o shit

Arbiter shoves Chief out of the chair they are sitting on. As Chief gets up, Arbiter jumps down from the chair to confront Chief.

  • Master Chief: ow :(
  • Arbiter: I'm really confused by how little you seem to care that Kitten's about to have the whole network unplugged. That means no more Halo. You're aware of that, aren't you?
  • Master Chief: I <3 HER ARBITUR, WE IS GOING 2 GET MARIED AND HAS A MILENS ADN BILIENS OF BEHEBHS, and sumtiems, arbitur.... loev maekes u does stupid things.
  • Arbiter: All you do is stupid things, love or none. how could you possibly be in love with this girl, anyway? What a joke. You barely know her!
  • Master Chief: so? who fucking caeres, she liekes meh!1 SHE SED SHE W00D SENT MEH NODEZ, HAWTT SEXXAY NUDEZ, y does u loeved claire wen she dusnt evin lieked u bak?

There is a long pause after Chief remarks about Claire.

  • Arbiter: News flash. Kitten doesn't like you. She manipulating you. And I'm taking her out with or without your help.
  • Arbiter: There's far too much at stake here.
  • Master Chief: jon dusnt evin eat steak dumbass all that fat fucker eats is candy bars, U ISNT GONA BANED TEH GRILL OF MAI DR33MS ARBITUR, I WILL NOT GOING 2 LET U
  • Arbiter: Yeah? What the fuck are you gonna do about it?
  • Master Chief: ILL KICK UR ASS
  • Arbiter: Go for it!

Master Chief lunges at Arbiter and tries to punch him. Arbiter ducks out of the way, avoiding Chief punch and quickly punches Chief in the face, knocking his visor out from his face.

  • Master Chief: AAH, o god knot agen, MAI FACE, MAI BEUTIFIL FAECE

Master Chief gets down on the ground looking for his visor. Arbiter then steps back and kicks Chief in the ribs, knocking Chief over.

  • Master Chief: OW, GOD DAMMIT, mai tummeh :'(

Chief feebly reaches out and grabs his visor.

  • Arbiter: Please. True love my ass.
  • Master Chief: :'( BOO HOO, BOO HOO BOO HOO

Master Chief runs away while holding his visor.

  • Arbiter: Yeah, you better run.
  • Master Chief: I HAET U
  • Arbiter: Crybaby bitch.

Scene 6: ZealotEdit

Kylie and her bodyguards are seen entering the map, Zealot (in slow-motion). Kylie is seen taking out one of the players with her Needle Rifle. Just as another player begins shooting her down. One of her bodyguards kill him with a melee kill.

  • Bodyguard #2: Who the hell do you think you're shooting at, fuckface!

A short while afterwards, one of the bodyguards finds and picks up a Sniper Rifle. The other bodyguard find and picks up a Rocket Launcher, as well as an Energy Sword. Kylie is then seen killing another player with a melee kill. She runs into her bodyguard, who are still both carrying their newly picked up items.

  • Bodyguard #2: Kylie, I picked up the Sniper Rifle for you. It's all yours!
  • Bodyguard #1: Wow, good for you. I already brought her Rockets and the Energy Sword!
  • Bodyguard #2: You aren't implying that she would find the Sniper Rifle more effective are you? Kitten happens to have magnificent aim!
  • Bodyguard #1: That was not my intention Kitten. I just thought these would help you finish your job quicker, you gotta believe me!

Kylie walks up to the bodyguard carrying the Sniper Rifle and takes it from him.

  • Kylie: Thank you sweetie.
  • Bodyguard #2: You are so welcome!

As Kylie turns away, the bodyguards face one another.

  • Bodyguard #2: Told you she liked me better!
  • Bodyguard #1: FUCK YOU!!

Kylie then prowls a section of the map with the sniper.

  • Bodyguard #2: Is there even anybody left in here, I-I think you've cleared out the place.
  • Kylie: According to the roster, there's one more player left in here besides us.
  • Bodyguard #2: Not for much long--

Just as the bodyguard is about to finish what he was saying (and switching weapons,) the Arbiter kills and frags him by shooting him in the head with a Shotgun. The other bodyguard tries to kill Arbiter by firing a rocket at him, but he misses and Arbiter kills and frags him too with an assult rifle. Arbiter and Kylie turn to face one another and Arbiter approaches her.

  • Kylie: Looks like your mentally challenged friend had an ounce of common sense after all. I don't normally underestimate people, but I considered him a safe bet.
  • Arbiter: No, you were right, actually. You played Chief masterfully. Unfortunately for you, I was present during your little symphony.
  • Kylie: Are you here to ban me?
  • Arbiter: You're damn right. I've already smoked the reefer-loving kid and your two dickless droogs. Though on second thought, I suppose their dicks were precisely the problem.
  • Kylie: As if you're any different.
  • Arbiter: What are you talking about?
  • Kylie: Your friend told me that this performance is all founded on you being butthurt over the fact that Adam vaporized your online girlfriend, an oxymoron if there was one. Seems to me like you're just another internet white knight desperate to have his dick sucked.
  • Arbiter: She's only a friend, but that's besides the point. This is about much, much more than me, which I thought was obvious. You're attacking a worldwide service, and as long as I have the power to stop you, you can be sure as shit that I'm gonna use it. There's no point in running, either. I'll follow you wherever you go until you're dead and gone.
  • Kylie: I'm not planning on going anywhere you delusional fuck-wit. This ends here, as soon as I put a bullet between your fucking eyes. The only question is whether or not you'll see me coming...

Kylie then activates her cloaking and disappears. Arbiter begins searching around for her all throughout the map. Once he stops and looks around, Arbiter sees the few ripple patterns of Kylie pointing her gun at Arbiter, about to fire. Arbiter quickly responds by shooting her with his assult rifle.

  • Kylie: SHIT!

Kylie quickly gets behind cover in order to recover just as Arbiter does so too to avoid being shot at.

  • Kylie: You're starting to piss me off! You're not gonna fuck this up for me, understand?!
  • Arbiter: Who are you trying to convince, me or yourself? Unlike you, I already know how this is going to end.
  • Kylie: Your confidence is so cute.

Arbiter and Kylie then run off to attack at a different strategy. As Arbiter is running, he is struck by a shot from Kylie's Sniper and quickly backs away. Another shot from the sniper cause Arbiter to hide between a thin wall as Kylie uncloaks, pinning Arbiter where he is stand by pointing her sniper at both side of where Arbiter is hiding behind.

  • Kylie: Check and mate Arbiter. You go either way and you're fucking dead.
  • Arbiter: Damn...

As Kylie is lecturing Arbiter, Master Chief comes out from behind her and begins jumping around.

  • Kylie: You should've stayed out of this. The network was doomed from the get-go, and you could've at least gone out with your dignity intact. You conduct yourself as an intellectual, but you're just as dimwitted as your friend.
  • Master Chief: wtf, IS U TALKING ABOUT MEH? NO U

Overhearing Chief behind her, Kylie quickly turns around and tries to kill Chief, who in turn quickly hides behind some walls.

  • Master Chief: o shit
  • Arbiter: Chief, get your stupid ass behind cover now! If you get banned, we both do!

Back at Jon's Apartment, Chief is seen carrying a silver controller and joining Arbiter on the chair.

  • Arbiter: Good of you to join us. Are you done being emo this time?
  • Master Chief: stick a cock in it
  • Arbiter: What changed your mind?
  • Master Chief: nobodies will t00k away mai haloz arbitur, no bodies.

Kylie is seen running up a slope and sees Chief running.

  • Master Chief: were is u arbitur?

Arbiter sees Chief standing still as Kylie uncloaks and closes in behind Chief.

  • Master Chief: o hai arbitur :3 there u is
  • Arbiter: Chief, look out behind you! No!

Just as Kylie is about to touch Chief, Chief "disappears" revealing that it was a hologram. Chief then shocking appears behind Kylie, kills, and frags. Chief then proceeds to teabag and beat her corpse nonstop as Arbiter watches in shock.

  • Arbiter: I can't believe it. You actually outwitted her. Took her out single-handedly. I thought holograms was for faggots.
  • Master Chief: no, i has uesed it so nao it is possim graede ossim ;)
  • Arbiter: Come on. This isn't over yet.

Arbiter turns to leave, but Chief is still teabagging Kylie's corpse.

  • Arbiter: Chief, let's go! I think you've bagged enough tea.
  • Master Chief: kk

Master Chief stops teabagging the corpse and follows are Arbiter. Master Chief briefly turns around and looks back at Kylie's corpse before resuming following Arbiter.

Scene 7: ReflectionEdit

The scene blacks out and changes to Clyde killing a player, while talking to Kylie on Skype.

  • Clyde: You've gotten be fucking kidding me.
  • Kylie: I underestimated them, I shouldn't have! One of them used a hologram and distracted me!
  • Clyde: You were distracted by a hologram? Would you get distracted if someone were to jingle their fucking keys in front of you too? Who the fuck falls for that shit? There's a blantantly obvious difference between a hologram and a real player.
  • Kylie: I know that Clyde. He just gave me the impression that he was such a moron, I didn't think he'd pull a tactic like that in a million fucking years!
  • Clyde: W-Wait a minute, which one killed you?
  • Kylie: The green one.
  • Clyde: You were dropped by the retarded one? Jesus fucking Christ.
  • Kylie: Enough. I acknowledged that I fucked up okay? Anyway, I'm running out of skype credits here. They said they also banned Adam, which explains why he hasn't been around. With Duncan out of the picture, there's no doubt that they'll be after you next.
  • Clyde: I do hope you're not being chummy with me because you're still expecting a pay-cut.
  • Kylie: Goddamn right I am! I put my ass on the line for this far too long to walk away with nothing. Not to mention that besides you I have the highest kill count by far.
  • Clyde: Tough shit, you get paid for finishing the job! You've gotten yourself banned at the hands of quite possibly the most retarded, fucking player on the network, which makes that impossible now and leaves that up to me. I should've expected as much enlisting the help of a goddamn girl, what the fuck was I thinking? Christ almighty, all of you have been fucking worthless!
  • Kylie: You can't do this me Clyde! You don't understand I need that money!
  • Clyde: Bitch about it to someone who gives two shits. I'm busy, I've gotta do what you were too inept to.
  • Kylie: Clyde don't you dare hang up on me you fucking cocksucker!
  • Clyde: Go fuck yourself you useless cunt!

As Clyde hangs up on Kylie, he looks up and sees Arbiter and Master Chief, aiming their weapons at him. With no time to react, Arbiter and Master Chief quickly kill Clyde by firing their weapons simultaneously at Clyde, killing and fragging him and ending Chaos Theosis's banning spree. Chief jumps for joy now that Xbox-Live has been saved.

  • Master Chief: ROFLMAO yyyeeeeeeyyyyyy

Scene 8: Jon's ApartmentEdit

Sometime has passed and Arbiter is seen on Jon's Computer. Master Chief comes in to see what's going on.

  • Master Chief: wat teh hell is u doing arbitur? it is ovar!1 HALOS IS SAVED!1one!1.11eleven1!11!!11eleven.shift!11!!11!!1 lets pleh bitch
  • Arbiter: The clan must've been doing all of this for a reason. If MILF HUnter was the leader, then he might have been exchanging messages with whoever's really pulling the strings here.
  • Master Chief: omg r u srs.
  • Arbiter: The hacks retrieve account passwords as well as ban players, remember? His password should be in our e-mail inbox.
  • Master Chief: thats ossim
  • Arbiter: Awesome possum?
  • Master Chief: its possim grade ossim arbitur.
  • Arbiter: In this particular circumstance, anyway. We can finally drop the curtain on this crazy performance. Hopefully in time before the OMN administration decides to shit everything down.

Arbiter moves the mouse a bit.

  • Arbiter: And there it is.
  • Master Chief: H00RAY :) wat is it
  • Arbiter: 'Pussyjuice.' Lovely. The beverage of choice for the MILF hunters of the world, I suppose.

Master Chief signs onto Jon's Xbox and the message received jingle is heard.

  • Master Chief: :D IT WERK
  • Arbiter: Good. Bring up the dash. Open his message inbox.
  • Master Chief: KK
  • Arbiter: Time to find out who's behind all of this.

Master Chief presses "A" on the controller as Arbiter stares at the results (which are offscreen.)

  • Arbiter: Why am I not surprised?

Scene 9: Trent's ChurchEdit

At Trent Donnovich's old Church Map, Justin is seen again besides a Warthog in the field region of the map. On the other side of the map, a Spartan in Red and Black armor is seen driving and parking a Warthog. The Spartan gets out of the vehicle and approaches Justin.

  • Justin: It's nice to speak with you again, Mr. Donnovich.
  • Trent: Likewise.
  • Justin: Interesting map. I've noticed that building over there is all that's been constructed. what's it suppose to be, Grifball Arena or something?
  • Trent: A church.
  • Justin: (chuckles) Doesn't look like a Church. Who built it?
  • Trent: I did.

Justin clears his throat as if to bite his tongue for insulting Trent's Church.

  • Trent: So the file's ready?
  • Justin: It's on its way to you now. The upload should be just about finished.
  • Trent: What do I need to do once I got it?
  • Justin: Once it's activate, you just have to stay online for about 10 to 15 minutes. The file will do the rest.
  • Trent: Are you kidding me? How the hell does that work? What did you say it was called again? "Pee Dos" or some shit?
  • Justin: Uh i-it's PDoS. Short for "Permanent Denial of Service." Unlike a distributed denial of service attack, instead of just spamming the OMN server with so many external requests that it temporarily halts their function, this takes advantage of their file pass intended for firmware updates to upload and install corrupted firmware. This will cause irrepairable damage to the network's servers, and the service will remain unavailable until damaged hardware is replaced. The process is referred to as "phlashing," uh spelled with a "ph," typically.
  • Trent: Well that sounds phat with a "ph," and you're sure it's going to work?
  • Justin: Positive, my contact assured me the targetted file pass are correct. There's no reason it shouldn't work.
  • Trent: Badass. Great work SniperDeathangel00, you're a genius. A fucking genius.

Trent Donnovich turns and heads back to his Warthog. As he reboards the Warthog, he turns and faces Justin.

  • Trent: Barring any unforeseen incidents, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. In fact, forget handsome. More like "drop dead sexy."

Suddenly as Trent is talking to Justin, another Warthog is seen charging at him and it collides with him, knocking him out of the Warthog.

  • Trent: What the fuck?!

Upon recovering from the crazy, it's revealed the other Warthog was being driven by Arbiter and Master Chief, who quickly exit the Warthog and being firing at Trent with their weapons.

  • Trent: SHIT!

Master Chief fires a Laser from his Spartan Laser, destroying Trent's Warthog. Trent however escapes the blast and runs down the runway to the Church's entrance. Justin is watch as Chief stands guard at the runway's starting point while Arbiter chases after Trent.

  • Arbiter: Trent!

Recognizing the Microsoft-based voice, Trent turns and faces Arbiter, who corners him against the runway's entrance to the church.

  • Trent: (chuckles) Of all the fucking people. Or right, I'm sorry, little plastic toy. It's difficult to refer to your kind in a general sense.
  • Arbiter: I'd take being a piece of plastic over a piece of shit any day of the week.
  • Trent: Nice. So to what or whom do I owe for this unpleasant surprise?
  • Arbiter: The goons whom you hired to sabotage the network. Claire and I were part of the TOSERS moderation force before Chaos Theosis had it dismantled. They banned her, too. Got a hold of her account passwords and had a field day with them. You've put that poor girl through hell.
  • Trent: What a coincidence it is that the two of us are back where it all started, or ended I suppose would be a more appropriate way of describing it.
  • Arbiter: All your handywork.
  • Trent: You didn't have to show up that day. You could've let Claire and I get happily married and minded your own fucking buisness.
  • Arbiter: You left me no choice. I wasn't about to let Claire get hurt. I had to intervene.
  • Trent: She wouldn't have gotten hurt.
  • Arbiter: Bullshit.
  • Trent: What the fuck do you know anyway?
  • Arbiter: I know you were two-timing her.
  • Trent: That was strictly a one-time thing Arbiter.
  • Arbiter: History has a way of repeating itself.
  • Trent: You've got all the answers don't you?
  • Arbiter: I wish. Only did what I thought was right. And I'm about to do it again by dropping your ass here and now, for good.
  • Trent: You think you've got what it takes?
  • Arbiter: I know I do.

Trent activates the PDoS from his controller.

  • Trent: Well you've got about 15 minutes to prove it my friend...

Arbiter and Trent staredown at one another as a clock appears at the bottom of the screen starting at "00:14:53" and counts down to "00:14:48" before the screen goes black and the end credits roll.