Severely Outdated Information Magazine (formerly Stupid Obvious Information Magazine) was an online magazine service. The only two known employees are Josh Butterballs and his cameraman.

Season 3Edit

Stupid Obvious Information Magazine was known to make tip videos for games such as Halo 3 (or "Halo 3: Combat Evolved" as they called it). These were made by Josh Butterballs. Josh would constantly fail to demonstrate the tips properly due to his poor skill and frequently got the names of games or things relating to the games wrong. During these tip videos, news about gaming would be displayed. Master Chief saw a couple of Josh's videos, and noted down the tips. It was also seen that they reviewed games. Josh made a repetitive, two week long review of Resident Evil 5 that Arbiter saw.

Season 5Edit

Prior to 2011, Stupid Obvious Information Magazine was renamed to Severely Outdated Information Magazine. This time, Josh Butterballs interviewed Trent Donnovich. He asked him questions about Bad Games, Guns of Honor and his wedding. There were multiple interviews, one of which was in colaboration with Arbiter and Master Chief as part of their online show, Hypernews. Josh and his camerman were also seen during Trent's wedding, broadcasting the events live. However, Master Chief banned them both using the hacks they had acquired from the Underground Hackers since he and Arbiter were in a hurry to crash the wedding.

Season 7Edit

During a conversation with Arbiter, Eugene Black briefly alludes to Severely Outdated Information Magazine, saying that he recognizes Arbiter from their articles about the crash of Trent's wedding and the defeat of Chaos Theosis.

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