Sold Out
Season 1, Episode 10 (10)
Arbiter with many cups of semen
Air date June 30, 2012
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Sold Out is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes.


Arbiter and Master Chief struggle against the horrors of writers' block as they try to come up with new ideas for the Bytes shorts.


The episode opens with Arbiter and the Chief brainstorming ideas for the new Arby n' The Chief Bytes episode. They then start to argue about their writer's block and setting, while Chief beats off to porn. The Arbiter then points out he was masturbating, and tells Chief he is supposed to be brainstorming ideas. Chief then tries to snatch the Arbiter's notepad from him and ends up successful. The Chief then sarcastically says "wow, arbitur" at the four S drawings on the notepad, and continues his sarcastic remarks. They then proceed to argue, with chief calling the Arbiter a hippotocrit, while Arbiter says "Shit, notify the zoo, quick." The Arbiter then tells Chief to show him his ideas, with idea number one, cutting The Arbiter from the show, with idea number two, as Chief says, it all has to be jokes, mom jokes, dick jokes, reaction faces, etc. Idea number three, making the show as offensive as humanly possible. At the last idea, The Chief throws out "dubstep" as an idea. The Arbiter then tells chief to check their previous episode view, with Chief telling the arbiter, fifty views. The screen then cuts to the title " ARBY 'N' THE CH!3F EXTREME LULZEDITION " As the is quickly cut from view, the Chief runs down the hall yelling "lululululuulululul." He then is greeted by Arbiter, pointing out how "fine" a day it is and asking what the Chief is doing. The Chief then replies, as he's going to fuck a shitload of bitches, then work out for twelve hours, before he fucks the Arbiter's mother in the ass. The conversation then shifts to what the Arbiter is doing, and he says he is going to drink from eight cups of semen, because how ludicrously "gay" the Arbiter is, and how the men who donated them were happy to do so, and how more than happy the Arbiter would be to share them, but not too much. The Chief then proceeds to insult the Arbiter and call him gay. The Arbiter then points out how there will be more semen for him as the chief begins to walk away. The Arbiter begins to pour the semen filled cup over his head and comments how yummy the semen is, as the episode ends.



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Episode How-TosEdit

  • HOW TO milk yourself dry
  • HOW TO make your show more accessible
  • HOW TO stay true to yourself
  • HOW TO be consumed by happiness
  • HOW TO put hand soap to entertaining use

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"Sold Out"

"Sold Out"

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