Season 7, Episode 14 (78)
Air date May 11, 2013
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Spiraling is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Six weeks have passed since the toys acquired the Fragban software patch from Eugene. Arbiter continues to deteriorate. The toys are informed by Eugene of an imminent memorial service for a deceased teenage gamer to be hosted online and in-game.

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Two players are talking about the organization of a memorial service dedicated to a friend of one of theirs, discussing the way the server will be laid out. The other says that he believes it to be a terrible idea, to which the former replies that he needs more faith in people.

Meanwhile at Jon's apartment, six weeks after their initial fragging spree, Arbiter and Chief are in the bathroom. Arbiter tapes his amputated hand in place, glues his helmet to his head and takes some pills. He is mocked by Chief, who looks at his through the whole process.

The toys go to meet Eugene, who tells them about the memorial, and suggests that they use Fragban to crash it. The toys discuss this in the kitchen, with Arbiter admitting that he feels uneasy about it. Chief states that the online multiplayer network is not a place for events like funerals and weddings. Still seemingly unconvinced, Arbiter tells him that his sight has worsened and he needs a break from the television, and asks Chief what they should do instead. Chief suggests that they drink liquor, and gets a bottle.

Shortly afterwards, Arbiter is reduced to puking into the toilet, and asks Chief to open the door for fresh air, who complies. Arbiter reveals that he has been wondering a lot lately about what happened to Greg and Cortana, and Chief tells him to accept that they are gone, and that he is sure they both are in a better place.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Brody are at a server, talking about the sudden decrease in the number of active online players caused by fear of Fragban. Kyle shifts the topic to the contents of Tyler's thumb drive, the nature of which they are still unsure. Kyle says that he is skeptical of Brody's idea of attaching the hard drive to the console, noting that the hardware was not even recognized. After Brody frags two players, they notice that they seemingly quit soon after being fragged. Realising what happened, Brody exclaims "Oh shit."

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