Stag Night
Season 5, Episode 11 (49)
Stag Night 2
Air date April 2nd, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Stag Night is the eleventh episode in Season 5 of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Arbiter bonds with Claire in some Double Team Matchmaking games before attending Trent's online stag party the night before the wedding -- but Master Chief refuses to let him go alone.

Plot Edit

With Trent Donnovich and Claire's Wedding tomorrow, Claire and The Arbiter play one final game of Halo: Reach together discussing their lifestyles, involving:

  • Greg
  • Master Chief's behavior
  • Hypernews's success
  • Claire putting up with sexism
  • Claire's history with Trent leading to their wedding.

Sometime later, Arbiter prepares to head off to Trent's Bachelor Party, which he has been invited to. However Master Chief wants to play Halo: Reach at the same time. Learning that Arbiter is attending something related to Trent's wedding, Master Chief become determined to attend the party with the secret intent of crashing it. Fearing that Chief will purposefully ruin the party, Arbiter asks Greg to tie up Chief and lock him in the bathroom until the party's over to ensure that it will not be disturbed. Greg reluctantly agrees to do so and shortly after being tricked by Arbiter that he has beer, Greg webs up Master Chief and leaves him in the bathroom while Chief angrily demands to be released, threatening to kill Greg.

At Trent's Stag, Arbiter notices that the party is nothing but gamers just hanging out and talking to one another (to his disappointment.) Aribter soon meets up with Trent and learns that Trent would like to purchase Hypernews from him. Heading to the V.I.P. area of the map (the top level of the map Spire,) Arbiter consults with Trent's executives while Trent heads back down to "talk to someone." Arbiter learns that several changes want to be made to the show to make it look rather uncreative: Writing out Chief's vulger language, techno dicks, and the show's nostalgic atmosphere in favor of promoting positive yet rather stale reviews on video games being released by Trent's company Bad Games, to Arbiter's disagreement and disappointment.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Master Chief continues to try and free himself from Greg's webbing but finds it harder than he thought. Eventually, Chief wiggles himself free and uses Greg's webbing as rope to climb up the doorknob and escape from the bathroom door. Upon finally getting a hold of a spare controller, Chief attempts to take down the wedding by force. Suddenly just as Arbiter realizes that Chief is free and Chief charges through the entrance they both hear Trent talking to someone...

Chief moves near a crevese on the map and sees Trent and a girl from the Church's Construction Team, chatting together with Trent making sexual advances towards her revealing that the two have known each other for a while. Trent suddenly notices Master Chief and the Arbiter is shocked and appaled by what he has seen...

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO tell off misogynist jerks
  • HOW TO hog the Xbox
  • HOW TO use your frightening spider buddies to your advantage
  • HOW TO have a lame online Halo party where everyone just stands around
  • HOW TO sour a wedding

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Trivia Edit

  • During the credits, Arbiter is erroneously listed as being voiced by Microsoft Sam when he is actually voiced by Microsoft Mike.

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"Stag Night"

"Stag Night"