Voice Actor Matt Dannevik
Gender Male
Affiliations TOSERS

Chaos Theosis

First Appearance Dough Eyes
Last Appearance The Reunion
Status: Unknown
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Silent Strike
"You'll drive yourself crazy trying to comprehend it. You just have to embrace the chaos; face it head on."
— Stephen, to Arbiter in "Chaos Theosis".

Stephen was a supporting character and antagonist in the Arby 'n' the Chief series.


Not much is known about Stephen. When Arbiter and Chief started working for TOSERS, he welcomed Arbiter as a friend and the two got along. He was also a level 3 agent in the organization. However, he was secretly working with Chaos Theosis by giving out moderator names and weaknesses, as shown in Blackout. Upon his actions, all TOSERS agents except Chief and Arbiter were fragged in the assault on the organization's main server by Chaos Theosis.


In The Reunion, Trent Donnovich reveals to Arbiter that there was a mole placed in TOSERS who helped to bring down the organization and that it was Stephen all along. After Trent was defeated, Arbiter and Chief tracked Stephen to a server on the map Powerhouse. In the end, Arbiter frags him, eliminating any sort of loose end in the hack threat.