Season 2, Episode 2 (15)
Air date August 25, 2012
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Suspense! is the second episode of the second season of Arby 'n' The Chief - Bytes.


Brace yourself for another action-packed episode of the Arby 'n' the Chief - Bytes mini-series, now with an epic replay of past events and a glimpse of events to come, just like your favorte televised drama series'!


A "previously on Arby 'n' the Chief" screen is shown, after which there is a long recap of past events, none of which have been actually featured in previous episodes. Throughout the whole recap, a drum track is heard in the background. First, Arbiter attempts to wake up Master Chief at 1 p.m., which he refuses to do. Next, they prepare cereal for themselves, with Chief putting ridiculous amounts of Ovaltine in his bowl, something which Arbiter tries to persuade him not to do. Then Chief is seen urinating in the bathroom, and missing the toilet because of his erection. After that, the main characters are seen brushing their faces with toothbrushes, then playing split-screen on Jon's couch. Then, Arbiter is playing a game on a handheld console, while Chief browses the internet for porn. In the evening, Chief plays Halo: Reach while having an argument with a parent disgusted by Chief's obscene language.

Once the recap finally ends, the two main characters are silently sitting in the hall opposite each other; after a long while, Arbiter asks what Chief wants to do, to which he replies "i dont fucking no".

After this brief "episode", the drum track resumes, and a "next on Arby 'n' the Chief" screen appears, after which there is scene of the main characters having an argument over Chief eating Arbiter's fruit bars.


Episode How-TosEdit

  • HOW TO refresh yourself on past events of this epic series
  • HOW TO make everything better with epic drums
  • HOW TO make a diabetic's worst nightmare
  • HOW TO deal with the stress of a boner piss
  • HOW TO pull out

Transcript Edit

Main article: Suspense!/Transcript


  • This episode is intended to be a parody of various dramatic episode recaps in many television shows.

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