TEH AELINS FRUM TEH OTAUR SPAESS was a machinima that Master Chief made after he was bet to make a good machinima in Arby 'n' the Chief: The Movie.


Arbiter and Chief make a bet that if Chief can make a good machinima Todd, Travis, Cortana, and Arbiter will have to shut up for a whole day. If it's bad, Chief has to be nice for a whole day. Weeks later Chief has finished "TEH AELINS FRUM TEH OTUAR SPAESS". After asking how long it is Chief answers, stating it's three hours. They all moan. Travis then gets a giant bottle of "Jack Daniels" asking if any of them want some. Arbiter and eventually Todd drink it. It used various movie cliches, such as a girl who would beg for the hero not to leave, an alien invasion, and something crazy that happens to the hero towards the end of the movie. At one point in the machinima a girl states the main character "John Ossim" can't leave because she is pregnant. In the end "John Ossim" collapses in a battle and then says he has to get up and fight the aliens but his friend says "But John , you are the alien." and then John was an Elite. After Chief says he won, Arbiter and Todd try not to be mean and say things like "Well, it was interesting." and "It was different." only to be cut off by Travis who said that it fucking sucked. After putting it on Youtube and refreshing it for 14 hours giving it a twenty thousand views, Chief gets a call from a producer about coming to Los Angeles to do buisness with a machinima producing company known as Douchebag Studios.


The story is about a war between humans and aliens. The story follows a soldier named "John Ossim" who tries to stop the aliens but ends up becoming one of them.


During his brief work with Douchebag Studios, Chief made another movie, called TEH EPICK BATTEL. This one was of similar quality and was far shorter.