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Tosers logo vector
Type Moderation Team
Status Active
Date of formation May 2011
Leader Leonard (Basic Division Admin)
Notable members Master Chief
Cody Hammond
Cameron Jones (unofficially)

The Terms Of Service Enforcement/Response Squad, or TOSERS, is an organization dedicated to keeping online gaming experiences smooth and completely fair within Halo Multiplayer. The organization consists of moderators and professional online players. Their objective was to make sure that every online player in Halo enjoys their gaming experiences without running into players who want to do the exact opposite for them. Arbiter refers to the TOSERS as the "Game Police".


There were five levels of classes and commanding positions in TOSERS (Levels: -1, 0, 1, 2, and 3). These five levels were separated into three groups: Parole, Basic, and Hacking divisions. Level -1 belongs to the Parole Division, which technically had no authority whatsoever other than to give verbal warnings. Levels 0 and 1 belong to the Basic Division which had limited banning capabilities and Levels 2 and 3 belong to the Hacking and Cheating Division, which had the most authority. All recruits start at Level -1, where they are only allowed to use Plasma Pistols, and the Sprint armor ability. At Level 0 and 1, members were allowed more free range when it came to weapons and were given the ability to ban players. At Level 3, there were no limitations, since the members gained access to all weapons, abilities and were given more potent banning capabilities.

The force seemed to be conceived out of the blue, but was quickly met with opposition from a hacker clan known as Chaos Theosis. Chaos Theosis issued an ultimatum, demanding that TOSERS be dissolved or many players will be fragged. The OMN, however, refused to comply with the hacker's orders and as a result, Chaos Theosis began fragging players everywhere they went. The OMN requested that TOSERS remove the threat themselves. TOSERS from the inside seemed to have the upper hand, as Chaos Theosis was unable to access the secure TOSERS server with their hacks. However, TOSERS was also unable to deal with Chaos Theosis, due to their ability to hide their identities. The only possibilities were for either a TOSERS moderator running in to Chaos Theosis during a match to be lucky enough to take them out, or for the hack files to be acquired and the game to be patched, rendering them useless. TOSERS was sending moderators undercover in to the private networks, in search of the hacks, but all of them were discovered to be moderators and were fragged. Arbiter and Master Chief eventually managed to infiltrate Chaos Theosis' sales of their hacks, and managed to obtain them and frag the distributors who were selling them, but their return to the TOSERS headquarters was delayed due to a blackout.

However, unbeknowst to the force, Stephen, a level 3 member of the group, was planted by Chaos Theosis within TOSERS as a mole for an unknown sum of money. He not only was giving out names of known undercover moderators, but allowed Chaos Theosis in to the server with their hacks active. By the time Arbiter and Master Chief returned to base, Chaos Theosis attacked the server, fragging most of the TOSERS moderators. Allen Radcliffe, the network administrator, was forced to dissolve TOSERS, leaving the community vunerable. This action did not stop the attacks by Chaos Theosis, leaving two remaining agents, Arbiter and Master Chief to deal with the threat themselves.

After Chaos Theosis' attack on the network was stopped, all TOSERS moderators had their accounts restored, as did all other players on Xbox Live.

By the events of Season 8, TOSERS was reformed, implying it was dissolved after the Chaos Theosis Incident.

Unnamed Mod

A example of a TOSER uniform


The most common TOSER enforcers sport a blue and silver color scheme along with the signature MARK V[B] helmet with the Spartan model. They also use a blue phoenix emblem, with yellow and blue outlinings, as an official TOSERS "badge". This uniform is not compulsory for all moderators.

TOSERS ModeratorsEdit

Name Rank/Group Gamertag/Username Status
Jeremy Keenen Basic Division (Lv. 0) Unknown Active
Cody Hammond Basic Division (Unknown Rank) Unknown Active
Master Chief Parole (Lv. 0, Temporarily Lv. 3) Masturch33f777777769reechisawesome Active
Arbiter Basic Division (Lv. 0, Temporarily Lv. 3) Imthinkinarby Active
Claire Ferguson Basic Division (Lv. 1) Unknown Active
Mike Hunt Basic Division (Lv. 0) Crazykillah41 Active
Leonard Basic Division Admin (Lv. 3) Unknown Active
Kevin Basic Division (Lv. 0) Unknown Active

Former TOSERS ModeratorsEdit

Name Rank/Group Gamertag/Username Status

Cheating & Hacking Division (Lv. 3) (Former) / Chaos Theosis Affiliate 

Silent Strike Fragged


  • The word "TOSERS" is an obvious reference to the word "tosser", a pejorative slang word for masturbation, mostly used in Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries such as Britain, Ireland, and Austrailia.
  • They share the same emblem of the SPARTAN-II Project.
  • When Master Chief tried to pick up weapons in Dough Eyes, he stated he could only pick up Plasma Pistols, Evade, and Sprint, however when Stephen told Arbiter and Master Chief in the same episode, Level -1's could only pick up Plasma Pistols and Sprint.