Season 6, Episode 3 (54)
Air date July 16th, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"It's what we're all here for, right? Bringing justice!"
— A TOSERS moderator to Arbiter.

TOSERS is the third episode of the sixth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Master Chief and the Arbiter form an uneasy alliance with Cody and Cameron, fellow TOSERS applicants and once bodyguards of Trent Donnovich at his wedding, to fight off the hacker clan Chaos Theosis.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with Adam respawning after being killed by The Arbiter in the previous episode. He curses Arbiter as he exits one of the buildings and is confronted by another player who is confused by why all the other players are dropping out. Adam kills the player with his grenade launcher as Duncan walks up to him, with Adam asking how he got fragged when he had plenty of time to kill The Arbiter. Duncan confesses that he was caught off guard and was killed before he could do anything. This angers Adam, but Duncan says it won't happen again, cursing Arbiter once again. His mom then interrupts, asking him to take out the garbage. Adam says no, saying it's her house as the two get into a small argument. The title screen appears.

Chief asks if Arbiter is done being emo and he says that he was just being melodramatic, and that Chief was right about being so anti-social and says he'll stop "vegetating". The two then return to the game, with Cameron and Cody stating that Arbiter and Chief are the last people to be contending for the TOSERS. Arbiter says that it doesn't matter, stating that they have a better chance of winning because they're the "biggest tossers" he's ever met in his life. Arbiter then says that there is a more pressing matter needing discussed and asks if the group can settle their beefs to keep their accounts safe. Cameron and Cody reluctantly agree, with Arbiter stating that the room they are in can be flanked from both sides and that they are not safe there. He adds that they need to grab plasma pistols just in case, and wishes Chief good luck before stepping out into the open, where he is shot at by Kylie. Arbiter immediately steps back inside and is surprised when Kylie manages to shoot through the walls. Arbiter then tries to think of a solution to escape when a tank spawns behind them all.

As Kylie prepares to enter the room the group is in, Arbiter, Chief, Cameron and Cody drive out in the tank and kill Kylie, with Chief excitedly exclaiming that he will add her on his friend's list. Chief and Arbiter then briefly argue about who drives the tank before Duncan appears and tries to blow up the tank with a rocket. Cody then yells for Arbiter to go in reverse, and he does so while Cody kills Duncan with a sniper rifle. Arbiter pushes forward until Adam appears on a bridge; Arbiter tries to shoot Adam, but he uses a dropshield to block the explosion. Arbiter then orders everybody out of the tank as Adam pulls out a rocket launcher and destroys the tank. Chief, Arbiter, Cameron and Cody then run to a nearby warthog on everybody gets on except for Chief, who is forced to duck when Clyde shows up and tries to destroy the warthog. After being backed into a corner, Adam orders Chief and everybody else out of the warthog or they will die. After lining up, Duncan expresses his amazement at how long they survived, with Chief saying it was mostly him. Clyde then walks up to the group, saying that Arbiter isn't funny. Cameron and Cody then insult Clyde and the Chaos Theosis members for their reasons behind doing what they are doing while Chief flirts with Kylie, who does not respond.

Clyde goes on to say that the entire group was volunteering to become TOSERS, which made them enemies to the Chaos Theosis. Clyde then kills Cameron, which perma-bans him from the network. Before Clyde is able to kill anyone else, other TOSERS arrive and order Clyde and his group to stop what they are doing and come with them to the enforcement server. The four then leave the area, with one of the TOSERS walking up to them. Arbiter thanks the TOSER, who says that it was nothing and that it was what they were there for.

Later on, Arbiter and Chief talk about what transpired earlier, with Chief saying that Cameron deserved it for what he was doing with Cody during the whole conflict with Trent and Claire. Cody then walks out, bragging about his new TOSER status while Arbiter and Chief enter the admin's room. The admin asks why Arbiter wants to be a TOSER, and he says that he wants to preserve the online community and get rid of people who seek to oppress their rights. The admin then decides to give Arbiter TOSER status. He then calls on Chief, who thought he had gotten TOSER status as well. The admin asks why Chief should become a TOSER, and Chief simply says that he is "fucking ossim". The admin says that that wasn't good enough and denies Chief. Arbiter says however, that he and him play on the same console and that Chief is only skilled in his gameplay. Arbiter also states that he will be watching Chief, and that they are valuable assets. The admin then reluctanly confirms Chief's TOSER status, and the two are welcomed into the main server.

In the real world, Chief looks at the Arbiter, asking for a high-five. Arbiter reluctantly high-fives him, saying that that was the "worst high-five ever".

In a post-credits scene, Jon can be seen waving at the camera through Chief's visor.

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Main article: TOSERS/Transcript

Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO beat off hackers if you're jumped by them
  • HOW TO stop being emo
  • HOW TO be a part of the problem
  • HOW TO become a TOSER
  • HOW TO give the worst high five ever

Trivia Edit

  • The credits strangely do not reveal the name of the actors who provided the voice of the TOSER who arrived to help Chief, Arbiter and Cody. Some people believed it to be Gus Sorola from Rooster Teeth who was voicing him, due to the similar sounding voice. Ross Scott, the creator of Freeman's Mind, may also be one of the actors for similar reasons.
  • At the beginning, when Adam is talking to his mother, he is heard at a range from his headset, while his mother is on his microphone (at a very close proximity). This should be vice versa.

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