This is a list of all The Arbiter's quotes in Arby 'n' the Chief. Feel free to add as many as you want.

Season 1Edit


  • My name is the Arbiter. Mother Fucker. (When meeting Chief for the first time)
  • Rat's Nest and Standoff just don't appeal to me very much gameplay wise, so really, if I paid the ten dollars, all I'd probably be doing is messing around in Foundry, which doesn't really seem worth a sixth of the game's retail price to me; And the Foundry's "sandbox" idea sounds like something that should have shipped with the game to begin with, considering Halo 3 has eleven maps, not enough of which are close-quarter maps, and Call of Duty 4 has like, twenty. You can argue that Call of Duty 4 multiplayer maps use identical geometry as the campaign mode so they're not really "new" environments and you could say that Infinity Ward "cut corners" in that respect, but it doesn't detract from the fun in either mode regardless. My point is that I really don't think the heroic map pack is worth it. The map pack should have been a freebie, in my opinion.
  • Nice one! I see what you did there. Instead of addressing my points, you took everything that I said and turned it into a sexual joke, Implying that I suck on men's penises. (After Chief's response on the rant)
  • Haha, yes! Overkill.
  • What are you, a fucking six-year-old? (In response to Chief trying to take the controller)
  • That. Was. Fucking. Pathetic.
  • Tactical my ass.
  • This is going to be a great relationship. I can tell. (After Chief hit him with a frying pan)


  • Yeah, as if anyone over eight gives a fuck (In response to Chief bragging about getting 1000G for Halo 3)
  • I'm not going to lie to Bungie about you having a fatal illness (In response to Chief requesting Arbiter to write he has a disease)

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit


  • Maybe the world is a big sinking ship. But we can't accept that as an inevitability and use it as an excuse to act like shitheads. We have to be the change we seek. We have to build something better for ourselves.

Season 6Edit

Cradle to GraveEdit

  • Heaven save us from obnoxious gamer pot heads.
  • Against my better judgment I have the overwhelming urge to immediately waste this sinister Huggies-wearing fuck.
  • Pot, meet kettle. And no, I'm not referring to 'da chronic'.
  • Unfortunately. As if your personality wasn't childish enough.
  • It's not required, but good practice to develop intelligence before you insult it anyway.
  • Jesus. What's to know about you? There can't be much if you've yet to drop a ball. And I'm not talking about 'sinking baskets', either, player.
  • Playtime's over, Junior. Time for bed.
  • Is that really your opinion of your mom? The woman who suffered raising you and bringing you into this world?
  • Nobody does. Life is what it is, from cradle to grave.
  • Hahaha. Pathetic.
  • Hahaha, holy crap. This is glorious.
  • Are you kidding me? You need to grow the fuck up.
  • How fitting for 'puff da chronic' to go up in smoke.
  • Good Luck, Kid -- After Killing Adam

Season 8 Edit

  • Worst case scenario -- the world comes for our heads and we go down as two of the most sadistic cyber criminals in history.